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A Sex Rapport


When two matters bearing plastic capability, such as wax or clay, get blended in, are tended to merger into shape by the slightest pressure applied. No sexual puns intended.

On the same token, each element deforms the other, which in turn would get deformed. Both surfaces while in contact would come together ultimately from head to toe and bit by bit. The same applies to two human figures, whenever there’s absence of any significant emotional and muscular strain. So what’s with sexual approach?

What’s in sex for those into moments so intimate? If there’s ever any strain, the two bodies could barely entwine and would hardly adapt into each other.

As it so happens, coming to think of two uneven solids placed alongside each other. Hence the likelihood of both areas in effective contact being significantly smaller, therefore the “acknowledgement” that one object would bear of the other might be extremely limited.

Wilhelm Reich attributed to the “muscular armor of the persona” important properties elsewhere. By and large people got used to say that their innermost would not be moved by their looks, being it “molded” because of others’. Some went as far as claiming that their own “physical frame” got nothing to do with themselves. After all there might be a certain outlook and another inwards. Incidentally, when it comes to letting it all hang out, in the best of it, when the “visage” comes undone in all of a sudden, they can’t help simply falling over themselves. That’s exactly what happens when getting shockingly news. Otherwise if tripped over and go off balance. Upon sudden shock or fall, there’s the impression gathered that our “innerself” is not there.

The dissipation of the so-called” shield”, yet the soothing of muscular strains that’s consisted of our demeanors, comes followed by some gradual yield of self-consciousness. Any one lives up on a regular basis this experience by the patterns of sleep inducement. By the same rate that we’re getting ourselves wrapped into sleep, our muscles turn limber, and meantime, we loose consciousness.

According to Reich, while at sexual intercourse so much could happen likewise. If sex turns out really satisfactorily, stroke exchanging would by all means come followed by the soothing of strains and the loss of self-consciousness, so far vanishes thoroughly any sense of acumen throughout orgasmic shuddering.

Most people would react to those sensations as if under threat of a great danger, the danger of psychological dismantling, by the annihilation of “innerself”. If people happen to brace themselves strongly fended against this so-called “threat”, and so love turned out to be such a inglorious pursue, in which the defeat is bound to the “offender” much to the “offended”.

The give and take of themselves means letting go, by a split second, the hostile world through which our “bodyframe” was cased. Furthermore, hailing in a cozy corridor, balmy, tender and overwhelming.

Such is the depth of emotional insight as boastfully provided by their sexual rapport, when spawns in its full range of motion.

Actually, why is that a great many people out there fears of letting themselves in for loving affairs? Grounded on the studies conducted by Reich there could be envisaged that the response to this questioning not lies in each individual taken separately, so much as the society itself and the sate of affairs it dictates the personality framework of ilk.

By Jonatas Dornelles

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