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Why Do Guys Cheat?

For Couples

As far as statistics show, men as much as 50% would experiment an extra-conjugal relation (the old affair) at some point of their lives. In practical terms this means that o­ne out of two husbands already have or is likely to have a sexual affair outside marriage.

Speaking in terms of occidental culture that swears by monogamy, throughout history men have always received an indulgent and lenient permission for the practice of adultery, as consequence of the male orientated upbringing undergone, at which point remains to these days maybe in a lesser degree.

In such a context out comes the question- why men cheat? Truly, there are several answers in the biological, psychological and sociological fields, in which case attempt to explain such behavior. Frankly speaking, men are more predictable in their acts and tend to operate quite similarly within behavioral patterns, as opposed to women.

Men in certain aspects display many common characteristics, which is where lays a woman’s biggest weapon for hampering an eventual fence jumping. Hence it o­nly takes mastering o­ne of the characteristics and acting accordingly.

Basically, a man seeks an extra-conjugal affair by curiosity (prowl instinct), for self-esteem (to prove himself still capable of conquest and seduce) and for the old home sex he would like to have, in that her significant participation.

However unlikely, someone who cheats doesn’t necessarily quit loving or liking the other half even when it happens. Sometimes cheating stems from an instinctive necessity for reaching new heights of emotions, since the daily routine feels like stuck in a rut and dull bound.

At times a man isn’t looking for someone, but by sheer coincidence happens to make eye contact and acquaint somebody interesting, which triggers off an irreversible chemical reaction that in turn springs all the sexual instinct almost irrationally, culminating in an act of infidelity.

Many men in sampling o­n affairs outside marriage come to the realization that the old home sex is as good as any, being still as good as a worthwhile after all. This so because of repercussions, since the wife is o­nce more prized as woman-mistress, improving ten fold an irksome and time worn out relationship.

As it happens, there isn’t a single man who enjoys getting home after a hard day at work and having to put up with a moaning and whining wife. It doesn’t seem the most appropriate time for this kind of discussion.

All the way round, it seems to me that the sight of a well groomed and scented wife, who cares and demonstrates interest in the play up of his daily routine, would go a long way in the couple’s outlook.

Even though feeling such an urge to discuss petty problems, do so at a more appropriated time. Give him time to unwind. It might sound patronizing, but so far highly productive in preventing thoughts of betrayal. For all that who doesn’t enjoy pamper, reassurance and comprehension?

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

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