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Sex and Condoms


In contrast to information currently readily available on risks of sexually acquired infection during sexual intercourse, condom wearing seemingly repelled by the vast majority of men. Such rejection linked to ideas and ideals of masculinity that relate strength, immunity and sexuality, on which point poise men to regard preservatives as unnecessary accessory.

Since early age, are the boys taught to be stronger than the girls, to be macho-oriented, to take risks, hence as part of their nature.

Thus, so learning that they should lead highly active sexual lives, whereas women do not bear the same right. though, having all but forgotten there was once upon a split second of humanity, that today this school of thought no longer exists. Both men and women are strong, therefore allowed to take risks and keep different partners during their lives.

The man's sexual education, likewise his education towards other aspects of his life, still grounded on values of courage , strength, endurance, health, immunity, stamina, omnibus, seed, penis size, degree of risk taking, heroism, domination, power, capacity, action versus prevention or planning, be detached, non-reticent, careless. What in this context is not inserted being considered feminine namely health and body care, yet whether wearing condoms makes part of more intimate relation of the man with his body, his health and even with his life.

Nowadays, female sexual behavior pursues different avenues. Hence, a woman throughout life have more than one single partner, being into casual sex, so, caretaking is every one's responsibility, not to be left up to the partner.

That is what puts condoms on the map, not just women, but for men as well. It is not possible to tell whether the partner carries the HIV virus or any sexually infectious disease. All that can be done is to prevent sexually infectious diseases, AIDS inclusive, by wearing condoms in each and every sexual relation, even within marriage.

What in principle may seem exaggerate, it's actually a matter of care taken of oneself and respect with the partner. Arguably, even more so given the increasingly number of loyal wives catching some sexually infectious disease from steady partners.

In a nutshell, despite the threat of constant and clear danger, most men hold it in low regards, prefer denying its very existence to taking prevention, allegedly, condoms interfere in sex-linked sensations, hurt, mess with foreplay and even wearing aesthetically speaking is gross.

All boils down to the male-orientated all-powerful stance towards danger, a line of perception that certain things only happen to others, which is not true. It's conceded that sexually infectious diseases and AIDS chose no target.

Much as women so need men to take much needed care when it comes to sex and condoms might as well play role-model in the sex game with no loss in pleasure feeling. Seeking alternatives to put it sensually in or bring into play as sex game are manners to introducing it to the relation and no pleasure loss.

With so much at stake, taken chances on sexually infectious diseases do not justify excuses men employ most.

Let's not forget, too, that sex-linked climax is infinitely connected to what we feel and think at intercourse. Whether physically or psychologically. Thus, it hinges not on whether wearing condoms, so deeply linked to the way we perceive it rather than wearing itself.

Though, there could be thought, to get to grips with wearing condoms is a streak of sexual maturity, once pleasure keeps going on, but also prevention takes place.

Not a single hint of sexual pleasure can beat looking after oneself, knowingly being the body and mind healthy, and be able to lay out plans for the future.

Nothing can be better than leading a healthy living, with no drug dependency and liable to give and take love, fearing no one hurt.

Anne Griza

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