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Sex and Endometrial Contraception


To enjoy sex blissfully takes constant surveillance of sex-ridden concerns. Sexuality free of such concern seemingly within grasp, some would say. Our sex expert carries out the claim of sex for the sake of sexual-health in that sex- related rapport for a sexually happy life. Bear with him on another light shedding approach towards a taboo-free sexuality.

The endoception, a.k.a. endometrial contraception, is an efficient contraceptive method, approved in Europe since the beginning of the 90's, which consists in the hormonal release directly into the endometrium -internal linen of the uterus, by means of an intra-uterine device.

The endoception gets started immediately thereafter the device insertion, quite similar to IUD-intra uterine device, with the differential that endoceptives bear time-release progesterone storage while IUD has a copper spiral in its main shaft. Both methods ensure protection against gestation for five years in a row, although none contraceptive method means 100% safety range.

Its action mechanism consists ultimately in alteration of the uterine cervix mucous, rendering it denser, inhibiting growth of endometrium and hampering its passage. Thus, inhibits ongoing spermatozoids inside the uterus and Tubes, inactivating them. The inhibition of endometrial growth disfavors pregnancy and usually results in barely bleeding, short onsets, of low intensity and, sometimes, absents.

Certain benefits can be reached with the endoceptives usage. Evidence emerged from research has showed improvement in PMT, in menstrual cramps and the risk of developing anemia in those women bound to abundant bleeding.

One of the main concerns of its users is gaining weight, since weight-gain with endoceptives is quite similar to copper IUD. It is important to highlight that variations in body-weight, regardless of contraceptive employment, depends more on individual metabolism, eating habits and regular fitness-program rather than the contraceptive itself if anything.

The endoceptives, likewise any given method of intra-uterine contraception, may not be the most indicated to those women who have no kids, due to the likelihood of having bigger number of sex partners increasingly the chances of pelvic infection, as well as greater risk of expelling the device, as the uterine musculature hasn't suffered stretching from childbearing, displaying smaller diameter.

It does not mean that trial should not be attempted, despite that those who already had kids and within reproductive age thus in the climacteric onset receive its main usage indication.

The majority of users are bound to cease menstruation after sometime, varying from each other, although certain women bear scarce and erratic and profuse bleeding which in turn must interrupt usage and retract the device.

The endoceptives is easily placed, could be placed at the doctor's office or daily clinic, just respecting the period of seven days from the first cycle, preferably with the patient still menstruated, seeing that in this phase the uterine cervix finds itself widely open and the woman less or none discomfort, more commonly of the cramp kind, which disappears shortly thereafter.

Check up must be done on annually-basis, so long as there isn't any intercurrence in the meantime. The pelvic transvaginal ultra-sonography enables to verify with pinpoint accuracy the exact position of the endoceptives in the interior of uterus ensuring the certainty of contraceptive safety that the woman will be able to enjoy her sexual life fully, with no risk of undesired pregnancy.

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

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