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Sex and Herpes Simples

Sex Diseases

Sex means so much; sexuality embodies the goodies and the baddies of bliss. In this sexual report light is shed on issues with bias towards sex-linked diseases. Let’s check what our sexuality expert has to say on that.

Out of all viruses that usually wretch humans, one of the most widespread and perhaps the most popular by the place which it outbreaks is the Herpes Simples. I don’t intend hereby dissert about each type’s characteristics, though it seems of relevance to comment upon certain aspects.

The human Herpes Viruses are represented basically by two types. The Simples Herpes, which is widely spread and bears the characteristic of displaying episode recidivism, and the Herpes Zoster, which outbreaks only once and immunizes the patient thereof.

The Herpes Zoster is the same virus of chicken pox, which may manifest itself through vesicles formation, generally followed by mild to severe pain on which point bound to close its cycle within thirty days.

The Herpes Simples is highly contagious, generally outbreaks on the lips and peri-buccal region, genital organs and most rarely areas of tegument such as gluteus, legs, fingers and hands. Compounding two distinct types, Type I that dwells on the oral region and Type II that dwells on the genital region. Up until recently there used to believe that each type would reach solely its local of destination, but recent surveys shed light on the fact that both types may provoke infections in both localizations.

The Labial Herpes characteristically by higher sensibility and itch few days prior lesion occurrence, in form of small painful bubbles that burst out releasing a light secretion, formatting then a local ulceration, generally followed by swelling , given that in this phase the virus is highly transmissible by contact or particles of saliva. The virus cycle, in general, it is in average 7 to 14 days until total cicatrisation of lesion.

The Genital Herpes that dwells on the vulvar region as of women is tremendously similar to the Labial, also appearing small groups of vesicles that provoke itching and that renders highly painful.

As course of matter, formation of lymph nodes exists on the pelvic region as fever is likely to occur. The virus cycle revolves around 10 to 14 days.

The first infection whether oral or genital Herpes, generally is the most painful and with longer duration. The other recidivists, which may occur at any given moment of life since the virus stays dormant in the body by undetermined time, generally bears as shorter sintomatology as milder. Those individuals who carry herpes are capable of recognizing symptoms of its outbreaks, once being always the same.

Its treatment preferably should be initiated while the lesions still not visible, that is, only with prodrome- swelling sensation and itching. Such consists in the employment of antiviral creams, which ultimately sooth symptoms, since once started cycle, it must be finished up inevitably.

Various are the factors that contribute to the appearance of herpes, and amongst them we may cite low organic resistance, extreme temperatures, menstrual cycle, excessive exposure to sun or cold and mainly emotional distress and fatigue. Basically, the direct contact with lesions-kiss, sexual relation, or any object contaminated with the virus- exp-lipstick, determines transmission pathways.

As I am used to say to my clientele, Herpes means marriage with no grounds for divorce, in other words, once with Herpes, always with Herpes.

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

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