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Home -> Sexuality For Couples -> Issues on Penis Size

Sex and Issues on Penis Size

For Couples

Issues on penis size mull over the man's head from time to time. So eager for a bigger sex organ mislead by own misjudgment more often than not.

Misinformation on average measurements and equivocal comparison being major causes of dissatisfaction, which usually lead to performance upheavals confidence undermining, a consequence of low self-esteem.

In men with normal development, the penis usually reaches full-grown size at around the age of sixteen. Given that 80% of penises in erectile state vary between 11cm and 16 cm, averaging 14 cm.

With regards to circumference, an average ranges between 6 cm to 9 cm, assessment likely to be highly subjective, once factors as cold, obesity, anxiety and musclebound tend to retract and shrink it shortening its length. There discrepancies between ethnics not well established whether bigger or smaller yet.

Actually, the vast majority of men not happy with their penises sizewise, have both girth and length in average. Particular situations as fat tissue deposit in the abdomen and pubic region for instance, tend to "hide' the penis. In addition, excessive excision of prepuce skin during fimosis surgery may give it the impression of a smaller penis.

These men require psychological assistance in the sense of building self-esteem and learning to accept themselves within their own stride as it so happens. In select cases, enlargement surgery may be attempted in average sized penises, although complications as impotence, numbness and retraction are likely to occur with disastrous consequences. After surgery, the penis erect loses normal angulations in relation to the pubis, always pointing downwards instead of upwards. Other types of surgeries such as silicone implants, patient's own fast tissue and skin replacement have been put in place, which seldom solve it ultimately, besides bad aesthetical results being usual.

Various devices promise, with no collaterals, extending length and expanding girth in that pumps and pendulums, nevertheless, dubious results not well assessed up gain no approval from urologists. In fact, the penis should be fully hard-on in order to really functioning as copulating organ. If the vagina has roughly 12 cm in average, what is the point of a bigger penis?

Needless to say, those women who would attribute lack of sex linked pleasure to the size of penis are few and far in between. Given that, women, largely, do not hold penetration as the main goal in sexual intercourse. Apart from that, the structures responsible for sexual pleasure in females locate in the third part of the outer vagina and its entrance, so a humungous penis is no use. All the way around, big sized penises usually cause pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse.

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

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