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Sex, Man and His Master - The Penis

For Males

Do you know why I chose this article? Because, men hold penis size in such high regard. The penis for men is another being, something that looks like being outside of their bodies. Who never heard a man say-"hey, you down there, be quite" or else "Sweat pie, he is awaken" and other remarks as such. Nevertheless, this not from yesterday, and there's underlying in this demeanour all that business of praising it. Since times immemorial, the phallic cult has left its hallmark, and certain determining factors for such overrating, were related to deities, fertility, sorcery, power and strength.

In a nutshell, in ancient Greece, the phallus was worshiped with flowers and carried along during festivities. Yet, at the Egyptian parties, celebration was the same, that is, with women bearing statues of a hardon penis-like of 50cm long, which were dangled about by means of strings harnessed to their bodies.

Ultimately, accounts on worship and devotion are numerous, mystery ridden of sprees of power, courage and strength.

In almost all societies, the demands of strength and courage always befall on men. In having the penis as their official and direct representative, all demands aimed to them, end up by being turned over to him, the penis, and therein lays all this waffle that a man and his penis are two in the same body.

Men are very harsh on themselves when it comes to, size, rigidity and erection, for they need a high degree of competence, of reliability. As in must give that ride to their sex partners, or something is not working, otherwise. This may bring about subsequently insecurity and low self-esteem.

To men, by and large, the penis matter, it's such an issue, let' say, touchy, and very important. Those who considered their penises too small live worrying about their sexual performance, ashamed of exposing themselves; with inferiority hang ups of wearing tight fitting clothing, of using public toilets. In contrast, those long penised ones need to show off through exhibitionist remarks.

It is around the 16 years of age that the penis reaches its full-grown size.

There are certain curiosities that should be exposed so that there will be no doubts or regrets to matters size and its interference in the sexual relation.

For example, a small penis may double up its size in erection. It is known that the structure of the penile body is elastic and dynamic, likely to retract under rogue conditions or even stress.

Women are aware of that, but for a man what counts is size- as for them, size is sexual warranty. For all that, its fretting inside the vagina leaves a woman sexually rather satisfied, that undoubtedly a woman could affirm with certainty.

That lovely thrusting and throbbing back and forth, renders any woman worth her lipstick ultimately satisfied with room left for some more.

Therefore, men, past and present, don't overestimate the size of your penises and work on that rubbing, it's pleasure guaranteed.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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