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Home -> Sex Diseases -> Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease

Sex Diseases

The Peyronie’s disease is a sexual dysfunction that causes an unnatural curvature in the penis, being noticeable with an erect penis.

In some cases such curvature is so severe rendering impossible to have a full erection and disrupting sexuality. A man’s self esteem is also affected. Most men refuse to have sexual intercourse even with long-term partners for being ashamed of their condition. The curvature is due to a plaque of scar tissue that develops inside the penis. Those plaques may be areas of reversible inflammation when the disease is in its early stages, or later become permanent scars inside the member. The actual cause of this plaque is unknown, although most researches point a small trauma in the penis, generally during childhood, as being the most probable cause. Over the years the scar tissue accumulated forms the plaque, which shortens the side of the member causing it to bend to that side.

Before taken matters further it’s relevant to say that some men are simply born with a natural curvature in their penis. Obviously, such a gentle curve pauses no threat to sexuality, since there’s no development of scar tissue plaques. This is not characterized as being Peyronie’s disease, and in fact, having a gentle curvature in the penis may be favorable as it turns easier to find your partner’s G-spot. In case you notice some of the following symptoms seek out an urologist:

- Painful erections.
- Soft erections or difficulties in maintaining an erection for a long time without feeling pain.
- Loss of length in the penis.
- Increasing bending or indentation of the erectiom.
- Reduced elasticity when the penis is not erected.

Once Peyronie’s disease is diagnosed, your doctor may request x-rays or ultrasound pictures to show whether plaque calcification has occurred. It can help to qualify the potential of reversibility of the condition, which is essential when surgery is being considered as treatment.

Since the cause is unknown, it’s also hard to establish a specific treatment. In fact, in some cases the curvature solves on its own when the lesions aren’t so severe, but not in every case, waist no time before talking to your doctor to prevent aggravating it. If there’s already considerable scar tissue formation, some researches point oral or topical and intralesional (injected on the penis) vitamin-E based medications as the best possible option to revert the condition. Other types of treatment such as ultrasound, radiation, laser therapy or Lithotripsy (the same procedure used to break up kidney stones) have showed some results, yet inconclusive as yet. But depending on the extension of the problem, those treatments may result in problems such as nerve damage, which too would result in a sexuality problem. on the other hand, the surgical treatment is only recommended in severe cases of curvature and pain. The surgical procedures employed to treat the Peyronie’s disease comprise the excision of the plaque with post repairing by graft, plication (to shorten the unaffected side of the penis) or in extreme cases (greater than 45 degrees curvature), and penile prosthesis (implants) to make intercourse possible again. That should give the patient the possibility to enjoy his sexual life again.

Unfortunately not even surgery is a 100% effective treatment. Some outcomes such as loss of tissue elasticity or even the penis starting to bend again have to be considered, so patients should be aware of these possibilities. After corrective surgery the patient is once more able to have sexual intercourse, but in some cases in particular, his sexuality becomes a laborious effort.

Always look for an urologist at any sign of alterations. The sooner you diagnose the problem and set a specific treatment the greater the treatment chances to success.


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