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Sex Background


“A harmonious and well-balanced up sexual life isn’t something one is born within”, as categorically stated by the authors of sex-books. Sex-partners ought to take on board that perfection gets developed through long and patient experience. So then, how could sexual maturity be induced?

Sexual rapport is the most universal of all practices and at the same time utterly personal. So, probably, sex does not mean the same thing for two different people, and inclusive for the same person in different occasions.

As far as the humankind is concerned sexual intercourse entails, imagination, sympathy and sensibility. It represents that give and take of sex-related pleasure and catch up with self-identity at the same time. Our very words used to designate it indicate that, it is something more than simply plain physical relation-“animals copulate, we make love”.

It’s fundamental that open dialogue exists between sex-partners, as they therefore end up by understanding their mutual necessities even deeper.
However useful, either codes of practice or insight do not supply all the relevant information.

Each one has got personal preferences when it comes to sex, as on any given activity. And not only should the youth get to practice such art. Physical interaction, as all other facets of marriage, should not be static, it all too grow and develop in order to become worthwhile and perfect. There should never be forgotten that even the great genius-of all kinds and expertise- had a fall-out or two. Well as there those days when we’re not willing and able, or apt, so as to verbally express with the usual fluency, there might happen that our so-motivation towards love-making undergoes periods of recession.

Not a single man or woman should ever expect that sexual intercourse would come up perfect out of every single occasion. A spree of anxiety, the slightest tilt, or a nagging toothache, might turn the most thoughtful husband into an almost all-out failure.

The image of sex diffused as insipid and inodorous by the movie industry, on TV and through glossy-magazines, might create false expectations towards love-making. In the movies’ romantic scenes, the heroin is always well-groomed, and never gets puffed eyes upon wakening.

The star, equally impeccable, seems as if undefeatable by minor flaws as hunger-pangs at the right moment of most sublime love-declaration. Perhaps such abstract lovers might be convincing on a movie screen. But it’s no use as role-model for the real life.

No matter how deeply in love they might be, a man and a woman remain as human beings of flesh and blood, bound to all of minor vulgarities of daily life.
In order to live up and appreciate love best in its broadest sense, the body should be viewed as something vulnerable and material.

W can’t expect it to bear the “purity” of a flashy figure projected up against a piece of white cloth. So nothing can stop us from loving it and along with all its limitations, just the way it is.

By Jonatas Dornelles

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