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Sex Dance

Tantric Sex

History has it that the body-language in belly dancing sex-ridden embodiment stem from an array of source-origins. Egypt for one, its priestess might have performed it in rites for the goddess Isis well back five thousand years ago.

Other sources strongly suggest that women in India would uphold such knowledge, and ought to pass it on to the pundits of the tribe, but in order to keep such wealth of knowledge under wraps; these women would have to turn all its sexual leverage into some vulgar sex-related dancing for the benefit of others. Hence they could in their rites, transpose and reveal its secrets within without a single thing being noticed by the so-called “strangers”.

Its mainstream breakthrough only took place after Egypt’s relentless pounding from constant Arabic invasions. It took off from there having since sprawled worldwide Showcase sex-ridden innuendoes at its best as trademark throughout the times. It has been constantly recreated in that aggregating within its pathway creativity and cultural incorporations anew. Belly dance embodies, hence the name suggests, the idea of fertility, given the fact that in the woman’s womb a new life gets generated.

It’s been a long time since women, by and large, sought after belly dance to enhance and enrich their sexuality to begin with, be it for themselves or as a way of keeping sexually fit for a hard won sex-life. Belly dance brings into play all those motion muscles involved in sexual leverage. Likewise might ourselves bear specific objectives like learning belly dance much to our partners’ surprise. Then, winning over their lover’s hearts and minds by spicing up sexual rapport altogether if worn out comes to be the case or even reignite that ol’ passion within.

As far as most women concern belly dance comes across as an arousing component in sex time. Otherwise it mustn’t be constricting to the notions of sexual dance, as so often broadcast the mainstream media, in that casting erotic-like characters strutting their stuff in a ritual of pure seduction. Arguably belly dance is no exception to the rule, even more so since its movements would not entitle any other kind of conception for itself.

Most importantly, bear with me; it’s that within its spectrum the woman seems unable to work out how much accomplishment she might be providing herself, for her own body and her innermost feelings. Aside from the so-restitution of pleasure in femininity, playing along with it means rediscovering certain values as in the importance of looking after ourselves, as of wellbeing, of peace of mind, tranquil.

Its benefits most likely appear along the way, through physical vitality, once blood-flow increases, renders us more limber, as well as more prone to sexual crave and likely to yield soothing sensations further. Furthermore, belly dance acts upon our hip girdle muscularity, aids our body to hold on to its lean mass therefore sexually fit.

In the innermost level, belly dance contributes marvelously, once restitutes self-esteem, whose great many women’s gets overridden, being pushed in the back of our minds. In practicing this dance would aid to jack up confidence and yet enhance cognitive acumen and spatial reasoning farther a field.

Thereof all that batch of factors added to the benefits in for the body and soul, it would only surge forth as a streak of power and self-confidence in itself. And it’s not the dance itself that would turn the woman more sensual, other than a string of benefits that would enable to bring out all that potential that exists within each and every woman. In the woman’s womb, all the energy of our body builds up and so belly dance plays the role of working such energy out spreading it evenly, while balanced up distribution ensues.

In regard to sexuality, belly dance also influences verily positive on it, inasmuch as diminishing concerns with cramps, aides within the full range of motion of the abdominal and the perineal areas. Then functioning harmonizes internal organs of the sexual region, ensuring contractions and dilatations during labor, hence recovery in shorter period. Belly dance comes across as a good spotter for the woman induce feeling her femininity under her skin, and as a consequence feel her rapport towards all things sex rather pleasurable, vigorous and enticingly. As for the man, they would love to have as confident a woman as outrageous on their side.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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