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Sex Relationships

For Couples

Practically everyone aims to the ideal sexual relationship. A relationship that is romantic, fun and sex-ridden. Apart from that, one that includes a profound mutual understanding, many interests in common and no unpleasant habits. Unfortunately, such hypothetic relationship seems extremely elusive, or even so impossible to obtain. Well, innumerous features conspire against the ideal sexual relationship. Then what should be done?

The comparison of a real relationship with idealist fantasies, fed on during adolescence, it is something likely to cause disappointments forever. The lack of preparation and lax training towards sexual rapport, due to opposition of parents regarding sex and sexual intents, increases difficulties ten fold.

Another two factors that certainly will harm a relationship apparently nice are, a precocious marriage and the birth of offspring, before the relationship between parents turns out sufficiently safe. It is imperative that youngsters avoid becoming too hasty in exerting the roles of father and mother. If that ensues in the wrong moment of life, a lot might be wasted.

Another threat to the ideal sexual relationship is promiscuity. It is true that society imposes barriers against such demeanor. Nevertheless, it probably causes no ground breaking benefit towards the relationship, once it might lead to resentment. Certain marriages might even improve sensibly if there are ever extramarital liaisons. Since some such enable a new appraisal of the existing partner.

Further difficulty in sexual rapport resides in a necessity that certain man and women impose to themselves, the so-necessity of loving a partner before knowing one's true colors sexually speaking. It is corner stones to the marriage that the partners known each other sexually well. Sexual experience plays important role in ensuring reassurance to the couple.

Unfortunately, in certain conservative societies the opposite holds true- a woman must save herself for marriage purposes. That in turn, besides being a social norm that curbs individual liberty, shapes up a person with little sexual experience. Hence, someone with little sexual experience will probably come across with problems in matrimony down the line.

Communication, trustworthiness and mutual acceptance by a similar person compound the core fundament to a happy and fulfilled relationship ever after. Errors committed prior in upbringing might evoke each partner to raise surreal expectations regarding one another, resenting oneself from any deficiency. Often, the women and men with little sexual experience aren't able to deal with fall outs in the relationship.

Both parties of a relationship undertake a set of social roles, each in relation to the other. Roles that fulfill a personal need or of the partner. Thus, in different occasions, a man may mean the loving father and protector towards the woman. Otherwise, her best friend, her lover or her "son". It is not a matter of games or jokes, but states of total intimacy.

In troublesome relationships only one role exists and all others are excluded. Both partners might, for instance, be in to be the eternal child. Or else, the man might expect that the woman becomes a "mother" protective and asexual. In cases as such, the relationship is bound to become unbalanced and sickly. The most possibly happy situation occurs when a couple accepts each other unconditionally, regardless of whether a role has been fulfilled or not.

By Jonatas Dornelles

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