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Sex and Teasing Sounds

Take the vital role that sounds can play in terms of sex, no wonders there’s so much attention drawn upon it. A wide range of sounds comprised the chapter VII of Kamasutra. Of which a matching sound is given to each body part, in accordance to the Hindu art of loving. No matter how weird it sounds, it still gives raise to some good argument. Could sex talk share common ground between the world’s languages and dialects?
For the English speaking world, it seems like the sound of clipped “o” is the most usual and maybe the more eloquent articulation for sexual ecstasy, followed by an open vowel. It’d be interesting to know which articulations are most employed during orgasm elsewhere.

Apart from the pleasure derived while hearing or saying illiterate words, reading erotic-orientated material also yields pleasure. This seems to occur in those relationships whose one or both partners, the male most likely, gets horny by reading porn stuff.
Those sexual diaries, meant to arouse both writer and reader at the same time, would also fall in this category.
Even threads and messages forwarded at the chat rooms can mean a lot for some out there. Both language and sex matter would have to match certain specifications on the subject done by a man, who, if what’s attributed to him really is his work, is considered the crème de la crème of all writers: William Shakespeare.
He managed to put it so well. He employed words like cliff, sanctuary, slit, cove, eye, gate, hole, locker, prune, muff, ring, privates and tail to describe the female genitalia. With regard to the male organ, he’d called it carrot, piece, organ, bough, thing, tool and rod.
The influence that sex played upon the alimentary and food vocabulary altogether is much larger than most hold true.
So, it’d be nice if there could be at least two English words of the cuisine framework brought across, whose semantic background bears clear sexual connotation- stew, mid-English slang for whore house, and vanilla, which sprang up from the Latin word vagina.
While the sexual meaning in these words appeared prior to their employment in the food chain, the semantic background of the word tart would mean totally the opposite.

Likewise the word honey can be switched from sweet into affection, tart, naturally referred to a small tartlet, which was initially applied to a young woman with mellow expression, it went on to meaning young women sexually desirable, then those reckless women morally speaking and finally, just recently, on to streetwise women, a.k.a. pros.
Practically in every language, be it the most widespread “culture wise” of the big nations or less known of certain tribes, there are terms that usually get employed with a well-defined sexual meaning. Needless to say, words as such tend to appear more often in the common sense, but are no less important however.


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