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Sex versus Love

For Couples

Sex is better than love, some would say. Perhaps, something of a woman's mind other than men. Once, it's quite straightforward to part sex from love as far as men's sexuality concerns.

Currently, the most popular relations are those of all out sex and no compromising. Individuality and freedom of choice became as important or even more than choosing someone with selectivity towards more reasonable living. There's been a great deal of self-preservation, not taking chances in living with emotionally overburden types. An individual isn't asked to show a great deal of his emotional, way of doing things, which is another part. The most important in a relation is sex, whereupon no strings would come attached. Both genders grown a lot smart in letting emotional luggage of others and the likes being dumped in their privacies. People only let themselves go when sexual urges surge, as sexual desire afloat and intention is only just given and taken sexual pleasure, to live up a grateful moment, enjoying what feels right at the moment with no impositions whatsoever.

I reckon that detached sex only for the sake of it has its value, but also convey that this kind of behavior can't make up as motto in life. As not machines but sexually charged beings an as such, bound to have feelings, hankers and needs, which might be disguised in such relationships despite repercussions at some point. Sex could be just an expression of biological necessity. It would be a lot easier to be dealt with, otherwise, sex also express many other necessities, not only physical but also emotional and behavioral in the same lot.

Before and after sex would be at stake, to namely a few; caress exchange, intimacy and kissing, hugging, and even concerns for the sake of sex of the other half. It's such unique moment, likely to produce side-effects and sensations given so lack of bounds may induce emptiness if not solitude.

A human being doesn't come to this world to live alone for the sake of one off sex delight and return to limbo afterwards. Thus, this happens to those who seek this kind of relation.

Perhaps, sex with no strings attached should be the life optional of someone at a particular moment.

Nevertheless, whichever reason of such decision it call for further attention for sex with no emotional rapport still involves two people and the other person involved might be so keen. This very person liable of sexual fantasies and goals and therefore emotion takes its toll once again. At which point, hang-up-triggered sadness may ensue.

A sexual intercourse encompasses more than mundane physical communion, it's synonym of abnegation, of well sought after sexual heightening, of emotional comfort and peace of mind.

The delights of sex can provide thought provoking spells of well being for both the body and soul.

If asked whether sex should compromise or should sex detach of hang ups, go for uncompromised sex. It might be rather risky but the likelihood of well being attainable is unbeatable.

Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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