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Sex Games

For Couples

What about sexual intercourse if weren’t for the genitals? To a man there certainly wouldn’t exist. To a woman there could perhaps result in a hallucinating orgasm. The point is that sexual intercourse gets perceived differently by men and women, therein lays one of the differences between male and female- the genitality.

Herein I didn’t mean that the genitals aren’t important, all the way around. What I intend to bring across is how to use the genitals creatively rather than the simplicity of penetration.Both the penis and the vagina may be turned into sex toys and in manipulation alone may induce delightful sensations with needless penetration.

At first, it’s imperative that the couple strikes a sort of truce- penetration only through mutual agreement. The importance and main goal of the game is ultimately explore those genital sensations- even if it results in orgasms without penetration.

Innumerous are the manners to touch the genitals in order to render them ready for orgasm, therein comes into play the creativity and preferences of each and every one. Aside from own body attributes, it enables reliance on devices that may be purchased at sex shops alike, or even those products that us all have at the household.

Scented oils might be employed as prime resort, mostly for manipulation purposes of the male sexual organ. Picture a subtle masturbation out, almost as a hand stroke on a well-lube up penis with scented edible essence. Though shortly thereafter, let your hair out by rubbing your nipples on the gland, just to embrace lodging it between your breasts afterwards, rhythmically and ever so carefully in order to prevent hastily induced orgasm. For those aficionados into female feet- quite a few for all that is, strokes may be performed by feet sole and toes.

The tongue and mouth might play major role in this game of seduction. Perhaps instead of oil there might employ custard, Chantilly or honey. Just smear a blob on his shaft and tip of the gland and get busy on licking, sucking and making circular motions smoothly and ever watchful not to blow his top.

As for the women, a massage on the clitoris with the feet, so much so as the hands, tongue and mouth seem rather beckoning. The same herein applies to essential oils, porridge, honey, champagne among others. A well-lubed up vagina promotes penis fretting on the clitoris, and no penetration, bound to enhance pleasure further.

The breasts should not be forgotten, as sexual organ of equal relevance that deserves all due respect. Covering with ice-cream, runny chocolate, maple syrup or whatever that your preference allows, to lick and suck them shortly thereafter means always abound source of pleasure for the couple.

For those who dare most in self-indulgence, rimming- a tongue massage on the anus and surroundings, yields indescribable sensations for both sexes. Let alone the perineum area, nerve pathway-ridden and sex-linked pleasure loaded, almost enticingly beckons that well worked on tongue and mouth job.

The two last spots, perineum and anus often get left behind in the sex act. Yet sensation pathways so-ridden that only those who dare to let it all hang out might be able to describe what it feels like.

Such sex games would work out well as foreplay to penetration itself. It’s bound to take time as well as good streak of self-control in order not to call sex games a day too hasty. The challenge has been launched. Experiment yourselves and find out how far you can get.

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

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