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Sexual Positions

Sexual Positions

There are several position techniques a couple may choose for the ultimate sexual experience. There’s no particular reason to go for a specific position. You might be either trying to reach different types of sensations or just looking for something different to escape from sexual boredom.

People tend to believe that the more challenging the position, the more their sexuality would be enhanced. This is actually merely a myth, since there’s no "perfect position" (otherwise, everyone would be at it!). It’s laid on the couple to try it out and discover the best position for them. By the same token, nobody has to be an expert by knowing every position or trying to perform all of them at once. When it comes to sexuality, competence is measured by fulfillment.

In fact there’s about half a dozen basic sex positions and the others are variations. Remember that imagination is the best sex toy ever. Feel free to try new positions, or combine them. Try to do it sitting, standing, kneeling, or use your imagination to discover ways to reach new forms of pleasure. Next, let’s break down some of the most basic and some of the most interesting positions to start to enhance your sexuality.

- The most basic sexual position in the western cultures is the man-on-top or missionary position. The name refers to the 19th Century Christian missionaries who believed that was the only natural position to have intercourse. on the missionary position the woman lies on her back with her legs spread and then the man lies on top of her, standing on his elbows or hands and knees, as to ensure freedom in pelvic movements for both. As for variation, the woman can place her legs over the man’s shoulders or wrap them around her hips, which may help to get a deeper penetration.

- The woman-on-top position is an option that may ease orgasm for most women. It provides a better clitoral stimulation by rubbing the clitoris into the man’s pelvis. This position allows the woman to control the depth of penetration. The man lies on his back and the woman lowers herself onto his penis. It’s also a good option for couples who wish to keep on enjoying their sexuality during pregnancy, for the growing belly won’t get in their way. As variation, the woman can either face the partner or turn around looking away from him, or place her legs in different positions.

- The side-by-side position allows a more intimate contact, where the couple has the total freedom to caress and kiss each other, although it turns a deep pelvic thrusting more difficult. The couple lie on their shoulders facing each other with the woman wrapping her legs around the man’s body. She may also pull him towards her with her legs.

- The couple lie on their shoulders but the male gets in from behind. It’s the so-called spooning. It’s a relaxing and intimate position, allowing both partners to control thrusting. It’s a good position during pregnancy, since applying less pressure on the woman’s belly.

- The rear entry (AKA doggie style) that’s a well-known all time male favorite. A woman rests on her hands and knees and the partner kneeling comes from behind. This position allows vigorous thrusting and sets the hands free for clitoral and breast fondling.

- The "head-to-toe" position may be a little difficult, but with brilliant results. The man lies on his back with legs spread and the woman lies on top of him, but with her toes pointing to his head. It allows a very particular type of stimulation.

These are just a few tips to get things started. Use your imagination to create variations, mix and match positions or give your partner a good "tour". Varying sexual positions may be an improvement for sexuality, allowing you to spice up any relationship.


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