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The Male G-Spot


Even if some researchers refused the concept of a male G-spot, the term begins to be accepted and renders its understanding easier. Exactly how this particular area of the male body functions, would give an idea of “equality” to both the male and the female sexuality. However located and performing differently than women’s. In fact, what’s known as the male G-spot is actually the prostate gland.

The prostate gland’s functions produce one of the fluids that constitute sperm, being responsible for the muscular contractions, which release semen and induce orgasm. It’s located behind the lower part of the pubic arch and in front of the rectum. It has a walnut shape like, measuring about the size of a condom.

By stimulating the prostate men may experience an extremely intense orgasm, just as well it happens to women when stimulated on their G-spot. If both achieve the same results, the path to reach those places won’t be different. You can feel the prostate about three inches inside the anus, as a firm and smooth area highly touch sensitive.

Before going further (in the explanation, don’t panic), let’s spill the beans- enjoying anal stimulation has nothing to do with homosexuality or anal sex. What was recently regarded as taboo is acknowledged today by many hard-line heterosexual men who indulge their sexuality. If you tried so hard to find your partner’s G-spot, why wouldn’t you spend time looking for such a similar spot that can induce to the very same sensations? Communication is essential. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, bring up the subject after giving her a wonderful time. Since there’s no more queries on the subject, let’s get back to the razz-mat-ass.

For internal stimulation there are two operative words to bear in mind: lubrication and gentleness. Start as ever, by acknowledging your own body. Suit yourself as the anus is a very delicate area, so lubrication is required. To wear condoms along with oil-based lubricants renders it safer. Start by slowly and ever so carefully probing (previously lubricated) your anus. The more you feel it the easier to prevent pain or tissue cuts. once you are in, allow your fingers to go about 3-4”up where the prostate is located. Now gently crook you finger towards the abdomen, as a “come hither” movement. As you find the right mode go forward talking (no pun intended) your partner into the game. That’s the moment where communication becomes crucial. Explain exactly how you’d like her to do it and whether you’re feeling safe.

- Some men can reach orgasm by prostate stimulation solely, whereas others enjoy it along with other practices, find the combination that suits you best, for instance oral Sex.

- In contrast, you might simply dislike this kind of stimulation altogether. It won't work for everyone and as everything sexually orientated, it’s a question of trial and error. By the same token not every woman would enjoy stimulating her partner. once more the key being communication.

And yet, by pressing the area between your scrotum and your anus you’ll be indirectly massaging your prostate leading to different sensations.

Remember that such stimulation calls for complicity to enhance your sexuality and relationship. It doesn’t have anything to do with sexual orientation, since you won’t put your manhood at harms way by enjoying it. As a matter of fact you’ll be experimenting sensations that other guys are missing, blindly.


Sex and Male G Spot


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