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All Out Sex


In the realm of human sexuality, come across men and women who when talking about sex wind up revealing that beyond their pursuit for sexual satisfaction, therein underlies a quest for the ultimate sex.

Such quest encompasses age, beauty, intelligence, camaraderie, sexual fantasies, sex hankers, time frame of sexual relation, type of relationship, emotions so on and so forth.

Significance given by everyone to attributes so far described varies accordingly to individual evaluation. Regarding personal needs and expectations in respects to sex.

In individual or couple's therapy, seemingly women who tend to express this search.

Commonly, when it comes down to sex, they complain of their husbands being egoists. So far, their desires remain unfulfilled. What's more, their husbands don't care for their sexual pleasure. So much so that at times it feels as if they're, only sex objects and therefore their husbands don't know or despise what had sexually pleased them.

There's no magic potion as such to meet the ideal soul mate or ultimate sex partner. Nevertheless, as far as women's sexuality is concern a certain criteria shouldn't be overlooked.

Namely, a man should by all means be seductive and make a woman feel at ease. He shouldn't rush in for sex but keen willing to have it off. Preferably with no qualms concerning his penis and getting aroused when subdued and to enjoy the preacher position. Hence, getting beside himself with lust whenever she strips him naked or fully aroused if watching her strip-teasing. He ought to whisper subtle words at her ears when at it, moaning at climax, surprising her every now and then and thanking her for her surprises.

Moreover, proposing sexual fantasies play up so fulfill them. Last but no least, becoming stomped when she reaches her sexual heightening.

There are other criteria, but three for crying out loud seem likely to pop up more often.

A man should know how to conquer. To seduce a woman is the first step towards arousing her desire. Speaking of seduction strategies are there various, but cunning, security and a good sense of humor are of paramount importance for enhancement of sexual relation.

The second best step is to render a women at ease- when relaxed she would be able to explore her sexuality further, being more openly to new sensation and experiences.

Unhurriedly sex comes third. A man should get busily exploring her erogenous zones, as he ought to know her body much as his own. To say that enticing word she falls for whilst pampering her as deserved.

There hasn't been anything better than foreplay invented for the sake of orgasm reaching as yet. Arguably, foreplay in terms of sexual relation is absolutely imperative.

Most women wished to be treated as a goodness in bed and why not? Not only wished but also well deserved. In contrast, all of which might be just a dream come true, some would say.

The quest for perfection as in fairy tales can turn somewhat frustrating so long as she fails in meeting her prince Charm.

Truly, it boils down to self-initiative, for if she wants to be treated as goodness in bed she ought to do the best she can. However, all should be done within safety boundaries and in compliance with common sense.

To talk openly with sex partner, enabling access to her ideas, feelings and emotions is corner stones for his catching up. So bringing into play all a woman regards pertinent for an unforgettable sex romp.

Bear in mind that a reciprocative approach goes a long way. After all each one of us is responsible for own sexual pleasure.

Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

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