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Anal Sex Guide

Anal Sex

As its name indicates, anal sex consists of the introduction of the penis in the anus, as much in the heterosexual relations, as in the homosexuals. It used to be called " sodomy "; (word derived from Sodom, mythical city that, next to Gomorra, according to the Bible, was destroyed by Jehovah due to its sexual immorality. The reference to Sodom appears bound to literary works like "The 120 days of Sodom" of the Marquis de Sade that was taken to the screen by Pier Paolo Pasolini). Anal sex was considered "against nature" once, by religious tradition, the only sex considered natural was with reproductive aims. Anything different than that was considered sinful; for example they used to say that the pacts with the demon were sealed with anal sex or with a kiss in the ass. Almost the same happens with masturbation. Calls the attention that different countries attributed to their neighbors this practice as if it was something for alien and strange people: French call it the "English vice" and English call it "French vice", the Arabs of the "Persian vice" and vice versa. In many situations this practice was used to preserve - hypocritically the virginity and to avoid undesired pregnancies. In addition to Marquis de Sade, many authors like Bocaccio, Chaucer, Petronio or Rabelais have described this kind of practice in their work. Today it's neither accepted the unnatural term, or the "against nature" for the anal penetration (with finger or penis); it is viewed as an erotic game or sexual variant.

The anal penetration doesn't appear very often as a heterosexual practice, even though some people do it during the menstruation period. However, it seems to be common sexual practice among primitive cultures. In some societies of Papua New Guinea it constituted an obligation for the young people as part of the rites of puberty, they believe that they will not grow as they should if they don't receive semen of older men.

Approximately 40% of the heterosexual couples have tried it at least once. The anus, like the vagina, has sensitive nervous endings. Men as much as the heterosexual women, even if sometimes they think that this indicates a homosexual tendency, often enjoy some type of anal massage. Some men and women consider that the practice of the anal sex is something adventurous and amused, whereas others perceive it as something dirty, perverse and painful. This sexual practice requires great doses of mutual confidence, lubrication, capacity of communication and patience on the part of the man, who cannot move as energetically as he would do it during the vaginal sex because the risk of damaging the very delicate skin. The anal sex is an activity of high risk due to the HIV infection. The physical and psychological submission that entails this practice has for many men and women great attractiveness as an occasional alternative to the vaginal sex. In fact, the woman would have to control the rate and the depth of the penetration. As it so happens in any sexual practice, nobody should feel pushed to practice anal sex only because the partner requests it. Sex to be pleasant has always to be choosed. The rectum is not designed for sex practice and it cannot bear sudden sexual intercourse without suffering damages. Even if both parties reach orgasm, sex is a special event. With a little creativity, both ends can be satisfied.

Sexual technique

When you decide to have anal sex you should take in to account that:

  • As we are talking about a muscular sphincter, it tends to offer resistance, so it needs to be properly relaxed. Unlike the vagina, it doesn't lubricate itself; cream or a nonirritating lubricant gel should be used for that, so much as on the penis or finger as in the anus.
  • Make the penetration carefully and smoothly, gradually (sometimes is better to expand it first with a finger before introducing the penis). Pull it out if your partner complains of intense pain that she/he doesn't bear or if there is strong resistance, or even if she/he does not seem to enjoy it.
  • Use a condom, it's very important, since the rectal mucous is a virus and bacteria route of entrance.
  • Never make a vaginal penetration after the anal, since the danger to contaminate the vagina with bacterial flora of the rectum, and then the penis would take it itself; a way to do it is wear another or, in case of not using it, clean up very careful before continuing.
  • Never penetrate without the other person consent. Sometimes there are resistance or refusals in doing so because of pain, others by moral or religious faith, or simply isn't pleasant.
  • One of the most uncomfortable things about anal sex, can be the presence of fecal matter when taking the penis out. Some homosexual patients refer that they use enemas to clean the zone, but this method is seldom used

To many heterosexual couples anal sex can be an alternative that produces great erotic and sexual satisfactions. However, mainly because it is a "taboo", there are many questions and some precautions that it demands. To know them is never too much. The opinions about anal sex are many and varied, and even contradictory. Not everybody accept (mainly for ethical and religious reasons) that this type of relation is "normal" in a heterosexual couple. one thing is for sure that many people perceive in the anal sex a way like any other to enjoy sex, an equivalent to the oral sex or the vaginal sex. Not, the climate of concealment, the pressure of the prejudices and the fact that the subject has been considered a taboo have caused that in whatever anal sex, everything is questions, doubts and silence. To look for response to them is the best way to end the unnecessary risks and problems derived from ignorance. Anal sex also demands its own precautions.


The Condom use is the most popular safety measure. Although, its use is extended to the relations of vaginal sex (everybody knows the risks that imply not to use it, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases), doesn't happen the same with anal sex. It's also necessary to use Condoms for AIDS prevention: since the HIV is easily transmitted by a zone that lacks natural lubrication and is more prone to tears and bleeding injuries that, when mixing itself with semen infected contribute to expand the disease. It's also recommendable to add other precautions that should never seem unnecessary.
Most important: after practicing anal sex, never have vaginal sex straight away. It requires taking hygiene procedures, such as the penis wash (or the finger if it has also taken part in the penetration). Also it is necessary to change the preservative then, since in the anus there are bacteria that, if in there don't cause problems but can trigger it in the vagina. on the other hand, should be considered as a necessity measurement that penetration starts slowly and tenderly and that the penetrated person needs to be very excited either in a heterosexual relation as in a homosexual one. If the penetrated person is not excited enough, mainly in the anal sphincter, it can turn out painful and annoying as well as causing detrimental tears and injures. For this reason, an artificial lubricant (with water based, since petroleum jelly and oils can harm the condom's latex) can facilitate the penetration that, by itself, isn't so simple. If in addition the pair stimulates the zone manually thus to expand to the anal sphincter, this practice does not have reason to be painful. one last precaution, already repeated surely, of insurance by its importance, is the HYGIENE. It is evident that everything is pleasant and for pleasant to be the penetrated person should have evacuated before so that the last part of the colon is as clean as possible and there are not difficulties for the penetration. Finally, a concentrated wash in the zone is never too much.

Alternative techniques in vaginal Penetration from behind, "dog style". The penetration from the back is an alternative to the anal sex, even when you introduce the penis in the vagina. The angle of penetration and the visual perspective from the back makes it seems as tough you experienced differently to the other sex positions, fantasizing you can emulate an anal penetration. It's also interesting and at the same time funny to talk about anal penetration without doing it, so both can think about their desires about it. While she stimulates with the hand and tells the most exiting sexual fantasy that him can imagine or they have read in a book or a magazine. To say obscene expressions on a taboo subject is as good as practice it. They can prove. Practice the anal massage. For both sexes. Put a latex glove and lubricate the zone well. Tickle the edge of the anus. She gives it back to his with the finger. When his partner is ready, he introduces a finger slowly (with the affluent nail cut). While doing that his partner contracts the anal muscle around his finger, inhaling while she or he does it. As variant, he shakes his finger smoothly while his pair contracts and relaxes annals muscles.


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