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Sex and Betrayal

For Couples

People ask all the while what would be betrayal in terms of sexuality. We smart pants referred to our master blaster the Kama Sutra for sexual enlighten. So, should betrayal being forgiven? once more our expert in sexual positions and all that presented us another sticky question as follows-who betrays most, men or women? Posed by uncertainties surrounding sexual matters we tapped on the expertise of Kama Sutra again and again for more sexual enlightening response towards matters.

It told us what to do when betrayal goes out publicly and the reasons why people do so cheating. As much as sex talks are important so is shedding light on another trait of the human sexuality-betrayal.

By word definition to betray-from Latin “traditione”- to give, signifies the act or action of betrayal, dishonesty, infidelity. For some an act of betrayal would stem from thinking; others feel let down-betrayed when noticing a sex partner looking over someone else; there are those who regard betrayal as synonymous of a sexual relation or when therein lies more than a kiss.

The reasons leading to betrayal are various and among the commonly known are routine boredom, woman sanctification, search for self-gratification for the sake of sexual pleasure, a need for self-assurance, urge for new sexual adventures, vengeance. Being the last one, the most popular excuse ever amongst women.

The popular belief that men tend to betray more than women gets corroborated when we look over our shoulders into the past, where this kind of behavior had been perceived mostly in the male sex population, even receiving a certain overlook grant from society.

Nowadays, however, changes and modifications undergone by society ended up by influencing both male and female sexual behavior, therefore knocking on such notion.

Anyway, there can be said that currently exists striking balance between male and female infidelity.

Currently, betrayal is a constant in relationships. After all, nobody likes being cheated on. People’s reactions come under many guises: deceit, frustration, angst, aggressiveness. In their vast majority relationship does apart. Forgiveness is hard even for those so-called ever lasting relationships. To forgive implies in throwing hang ups over the shoulder, and many times it’s quite hard for whoever was cheated on having to put up with the ghoul of betrayal. Sometimes, sorrow is so overwhelming that it goes beyond partition. More often than not, people withdraw from new sexual experiences by fear of being cheated on again.

As we can perceive betrayal or infidelity is one of the reasons, so capable of inflicting great deceptions and frustrations in the humanly emotional and sexual spheres. Every human being is bound to experience betrayal so much as being capable of betray.

No matter what reason would prompt someone to commit such vile act, one should always weigh the consequences. Would anyone out there enjoy being over?

That all are free to exercise sexuality as pleased is unquestionable, there can’t be forgotten that takes two to tango.

I’ve learnt from sex therapy couples that respect is as important as fidelity. According to their accounts, whether as fidelity or loyalty, whichever the level of sexual relation or relationship, it’s based on mutual respect.

Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

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