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Condom Wearing and Safe Sex

Safe Sex

It's been a while since I began wondering about condom wearing, about safe sex, and on top of that, with what the media has been brought to us in information fabrics.

What the media has been doing is to offer better leverage on sexual freedom, attempting to pass on the idea that with the use of condoms everything will be alright, people can engage in sex games with whoever pleased, thus anything bad will happen.

Sexual freedom indeed exists and not from yesterday, though publicity about condom wearing takes us aback to the idea as such with condoms sex means always safety, in times of carnival, then, becomes staple commodity. So exactly therein lies the problem, on which point may bring upon a certain degree of "obliviousness", regarding mainstream issues, hence, failure in giving the real importance that safe sex should always bear. That condom wearing is as important as fundamental nowadays in sexual rapport, it is unquestionable. Otherwise I just want to prompt people and the youth, by and large, not to read too much into what advertising offers so-recommend, even more so since behind broadcasting entrepreneur's money plowing, and the commercialization of product exists. After all, condoms apart from special protection are selling rates that must be met. So far, I can't see nothing wrong with that, each one of us with own responsibilities in our society. But, too a human being, such precious gift of God, must wise up, pinpoint accurate information whenever needed, as opposed to become gullible.

Safe sex aids us to fender off against undesired pregnancy, sexually infected diseases and AIDS, but care must be given by all means.

Heard that proverb -"says you say who"? The same applies to sex-linked diseases, no one is altogether sure of the other's status. AIDS has no benchmark and nobody is free from it unless relying on sexual abstinence and that makes part of personal choice, nonetheless I find it so unlikely in these days and age. Arguably, it is the only way to feel entirely safe.

Condom usage imparts outright the idea of a penis inside the vagina or anus, to do so by proper safety procedures. What about safe sex? Mostly with regard to those not so well-known, whether one follows suit or disregard it altogether. Coming from the principle that sex bears more than just the penis inserted in the vagina or anus, yet there is oral sex, mutual masturbation, fondling, caresses and scratching, hence the likelihood of contamination.

People presently feel rather detached towards sex issues, so- needed awareness and care, for all that, couples swapping seems the shape of current-affairs and in face of that risks increase.

Always keep condoms within reach, double check expiry date and whether country of origin complies with procedures, and put it on whenever contact of the penis with the vagina occurs and not just in penetration.

Noticeably, sex puts so much at stake, but if you respect your health and the loved-one's, you would follow suit with pleasure. It's health and sex life, thus your life. It's everything in life.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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