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Home -> Sex Diseases -> Dyspareunia and Vulvovaginitys

Unconfortable Sex: Dyspareunia and Vulvovaginitys

Sex Diseases

Dyspareunia is a medical term employed to define uncomfortable or painful sexual intercourse. Vulvatis consists of an inflammatory process of the vulva and vagina region. An association between both conceals a highly intimate secret, since the inflammatory process and pain usually come alongside.

The dyspareunia is out of sexual disorders the one that features most organic component as opposed to others, whereupon the genesis is eminently psychological. Vulvatis strike women of all ages regardless of sexual life active or not, being major reason of consultation at gynecology clinics.

Often, certain microorganisms that make up the vaginal flora are responsible for vulvatis, taking only any environmental modification that allows their multiplication in excess. Basically, there lies in certain bacteria, fungi and protozoa the major causing agents, there perhaps be exclusively of sexual transmission. Most of them produce in bigger or smaller quantity a vaginal secretion characteristically, namely Leucorrhea.

Yellowish leucorrhea or whitish in moderate quantity with resilient odor-more acid than normal, with no pruritus or sting is characteristically of a bacterium denominated Cocos, even though usually not a cause of dyspareunia.

The Gardnerella Vaginallis is a quite common bacterium that causes a thrush with resilient stench, being that major characteristic and women's complaint.

It was deemed disease sexually transmitted. At present, received namely Bacterial Vaginoses, and not exclusively sexual transmission any longer, since women with no active sexual life might as well show this bacterium.

The Chlamydia Trachomattis is a bacterium of sexual transmission that dwells in the uterine cervix, promoting inflammation in this area, called cervicitis, characterized by darkish cervical mucus or purulent. It's frequent its ascension to the interior of uterus where it can reach the fallopian tubes producing alterations that may lead to infertility. In such infection, pelvic discomfort or pain being the main symptom, mainly when the uterus is mobilized, being deep dyspareunia a frequent complaint.

Vulvovaginal mycoses are caused by fungi in its majority of the generous Candida spp and produce a whitish secretion, odorless, thick, with lumps similarly to milk curd and intense hitching and sting. These two last ones are main symptoms and major culprit for superficial coital pain. It's common its appearance in the pre-menstrual period where the fungus takes advantage of the low resistance of the body. It isn't considered sexual disease; however, it may be, occasionally, transmitted via sexual relation.

The Tricomona Vaginallis is a protozoa transmitted by sexual relation, which causes a greenly-like thrush, mild, moldy, with strong stench and intense hitching, being also responsible for superficial dyspareunia.

Vulvovaginities can also be mono-etiological or have more than one causing agent, with summitry of symptoms.

Treatments medicinal topic or adequate systemic are sufficient for total remission of symptoms, which give back in such short time, the physical well-being and sexual.

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

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