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Erogenous Zones

Sexual Pleasure

The erogenous zones consist of all body parts that provide more sexual sensibility. These areas of great sensitivity compound the genital organs (vulva-penis) as much as the other body parts that can also feel different sensations when stimulated by kisses or caresses. Among the outstanding erogenous zones are those which possess nervous linking, however not all erogenous areas possess such terminations. It is right to affirm that the erogenous zones are very specific areas of each person. What might be an excitable area for someone may not cause sensation at all in another person. For this reason some people get excited when kissed and/or caressed in the ear, neck, etc. whereas other people feel absolutely nothing in these regions. But, how could we identify such sensitive areas from those, which we call erogenous zones?

It is important to remember that for such s long time, the erogenous zones were meant exclusively to discover which parts of the human body had the biggest number of nervous terminations, and this characteristic being considered as the only source that could give a person conditions for pleasure sensations. People believed that identifying in a person these body parts with great sensitivity would be enough, and that everything else would be similar to others... However, to unveilthe pleasure path, people would have to think about some important aspects, for example, the differences from the female body to the male counterpart, in other words, men should understand that their bodies don't serve as role model for the understanding of the feminine pleasure, just as well as the female body and their form of pleasure attainment are different from the masculine.

Each person would feel the same touch in a different way, thus aside the differences of gender; there are individual differences. And yet, in order to recognize the erogenous zones, a couple ought to have a higher degree of privacy to get more time together, for it's necessary that both partners try each other's own sensations and obtain success in making the other master how to stimulate such spotted leasure points. There's unnecessary to have genital contact to explore other erogenous areas, but sexual contact, and thence exactly the importance of privacy and interacting of the couple. The existence of our five senses also makes a difference in the pleasure hour. The senses of smell, palate, hearing, vision and touch could and should be developed, therefore this set of sensations happens to contribute, offering more quality in privacy. Since the pleasure sensations aren't only proportioned by the use of touch on more sensitive regions of the body. Everything requires time adjustment, privacy, place and ambience, so that the couple gets a chance to identify and develop through the five senses all those areas that provide pleasure, knowing always, that sensations of pleasure and erogenous zones simply do not exist because we have parts of body more sensitive to touch, it is necessary to expose, explore and even train all our sensorial possibilities.

When mentioning above, the word train, I meant to say that couples that already possess a good degree of interaction and privacy, can propitiate one another, a sort of "sexualized game", where each partner will learn through one's five senses how to improve the search for pleasure, knowing what he/she wants to feel with each touch, each kiss, each caress, as well as offering the partner, the same pleasure search.

Each touch is felt in a very particular way and also depends on the history of how these touches occurred and will be repeated in each one's life. This is what becomes significant inside a context of privacy and pleasure, consequently this is the way that the erogenous zones appear and that makes sense for a couple.

We will see now, some areas frequently regarded as erotic points, and also the best manner to stimulate excitement of these points:

  • Breasts: light caresses or in more energetic way (nipples suckling), can give pleasure in such a way to woman, as man. Some people can reach orgasm when stimulated in this region. The masculine nipples when well stimulated also generate great sensations.
  • Gluteus: to caress and/or kiss this region is highly exciting, as much for men as for women. Women get easily excited in this region, whereas men feel more excited stimulating this woman's body part.
  • Neck: caresses on this entire region can be highly exciting. The nape of the neck is one of most stimulating parts, since it is regarded as a relaxation spot of the body and when caressed correctly may provoke excellent sensations. You should abuse giving kisses on this place, mainly if your partner does feel excited.
  • Ears: behind the ear, in special, runs a ligament called "hot line", that's why it could be highly stimulated. The ears are more sensitive in women than in men. Being an easily accessible region, it is highly stimulated at the beginning of the relationship, most frequently, it is forgotten when a couple has more privacy, which should be different, since it's an excellent caress point during intercourse.
  • Navel: it allows for a series of sexual sensations and becomes highly excited when caressed, even so for being an area located close to the genitals.
  • Armpits: in some cultures, it may become an erogenous zone, mainly unshaved
  • Thighs: quite sensitive region. The internal part, since close to the genitals, become even more sensitive. It should be well explored before coming to genitals.
  • Feet: for many people are highly exciting. Equally being an area of fetish for some men, it can be well explored.

The most important out of everything that should be made clear, it's that each person gets to know exactly what they want out of their relationships, and can enjoy it in a safe and pleasant way with happiness for both parts.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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