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Home -> Sexuality For Parents

Sex and Family

For Parents

Do families talk about sex? Run discussions over their sons’ sexuality? Or do they keep o­n the lookout for ceasing that opportunity like a sitcom scene or some spiced up track lyrics, and then, against this backdrop, fling their views in so as to get around it and have their say?

In these days and age, talking about sex, became profoundly ostensibly, since such issue seems sipping elsewhere and so the mainstream media along with its highly influential power takes care of offloading pertaining information within our households.

Through soap operas, movies, talk shows and even some glossy magazines that sometimes induce debates over issues on sex and sexuality, the best of it, approaching in a rather superficial manner, on which point might end up by generating more doubt rather than square it away, primarily in the youngsters.

Thus, with so much freedom of expression for the body, seemingly through TV soap operas, modern dancing, and the resourceful homebound data-paraphernalia, there would be possible to think that the families might have been leaving the responsibility of sexual education, up to the media, which gets into our houses without permission asking.

Obviously there’s exaggeration, but it comes as no surprise, once it’s known that frankly speaking with the kids about sex is no such an easy task. Hence the today’s common-knowledge that the family becomes much more involved with the TV and that more often than not ends up by distorting values and hampering dialogue altogether.

As it so happens there is so much underlying in a simple conversation concerning sex and sexuality, when the bottom line means those who have already been through a whole lotta of education about it. Also the parents have their most intimate questions about it, some well sorted-out, other not so much, and all of it is what will dictate the tunes for dialogue along with their sons.

Whenever catching up on our forefathers’ sexual education, perceptively, we get that something didn’t work out along the way. So failed in expectation because they were educated in a manner, wherein was sexuality placed aside, that is, as if there was no sex per se.

The guys would learn about sex on the streets, in the hearsay of those so-called “well-seasoned” who hence thought knew it all, perhaps overburden with their own emotional luggage, queries and flaws which remained lagging behind.

The girls would only get a faint idea about sex shortly prior due marriage, and naivety thereof. Having said that, the lack of sex biased database would have left them lagging behind consequently worn out and hopeless unions. So this kind of union, wherein marriage core-foundations grounded on manly principles, was promoting the so-called familial dismantling on every possible sense.

Our current-affairs seem the embodiment of sexual freedom, as it comes printed on our youngsters’ faces. So too it exist and is taken part of our lives so that concerns over sexual education of our kids should be ever so present within the family roots.

In sexual education the family plays a key role in that coming to terms with sexuality means catching up with affectivity. Whereby, parents and kids in order to get along mean playing along since birth. An ambiance of harmony should beckon within the abode. As for how to speak frankly with the kids, each familial cell would establish its own in accordance with their principles and values. Both parents ought to find mutual agreement reflecting confidence and respect in the parent and kids rapport so that database can be passed along based on certainty.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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