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When We Are Ready To Have Sex?

For Couples

The capacity to rapport sexually with the opposite sex and love someone of this sex, develops in different stages of adolescence. In puberty, or shortly thereafter, interest for sex increases at fast rate, likewise masturbation increasingly incidence.

Despite being usually afraid, most people, of both sexes, commence to have experiences with the opposite sex already in adolescence. Progress tends to be slow for their vast majority and it’s reached alongside various partners. Thus, a girl may kiss a thirteen-year-old boy for the first time and afterwards, gradually, gear into motion up until reaching a full-blown sexual relationship around the age of eighteen or nineteen.

In the case of boys that is highly variable. For the boys, in this phase mostly, any person willing and available serves. Their best interests being towards sex itself other than relationship, whereas romantic aspects of sex attract girls. Obviously, such conditions are predispositions culturally instilled.

Although our apprentice in lovemaking begins practically at birth, the capacity to love someone of the opposite sex blossoms later on. It is when the sentiment of loving someone spellbinds, who is sexually preferred by others as well. Such sentiment only emerges at the end of adolescence or shortly thereafter. Choices made before this timeframe, no matter how the two of them believe to be in love, are bound to be non-everlasting.

Certain people never come to develop the capacity for loving someone thoroughly; others however are incapable of considering the loved one as a potential sex partner as well.

Therefore, much as the development of sexual capability as the capacity for loving may not work out in the first place. Nevertheless, when everything works out, the possibility to express both aspects to someone of the opposite sex becomes plausible.

When that happens, the individual is in love only for the sake of it, neither carries on having sexual relations simply because that is such a relief for one’s sexual urges. The very core of choice making grounded on personality traits and the capacity to understanding and communicating with the partner.

There is further probability of striking balance in sexual relationship in cases that personalities and cultural background being similar. So, for most people, foundations for a balanced act between a man and a woman lie in friendship. So then, they will stand a chance to express their feelings in lovemaking and therefore accept it, as well as in relationship sexually orientated.

Once men and women, in manners probably innate, possess complementary virtues and not conflicting, they can cooperate if well thought after, given mutual support to each other. However possible it may seems to disagree with this standpoint, seemingly that such is ideal a context in order to a man and a woman seize the opportunity to express themselves, reaching mutual satisfaction, and certain meaningful to life. That, for the vast majority, too, includes upbringing and education of kids.

By Jonatas Dornelles

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