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Getting to Know a Little bit More About the Male Orgasm

For Males

The male orgasm is the very last stage of a cycle that corresponds to a male sexual response. Otherwise known as come, ecstasy or ultimate pleasure. It stands for the total liberation of built up tensions followed by paced muscular contractions, resulting in sperm release that in turn promotes ejaculation. For a better understanding of the process taking place in the human body, let’s take a brief look at the functioning of each stage which comprise such sexual cycle, i.e. the male sexual response. At present, according to the psychiatrist Helen Singer Kaplan, there are 3 stages of the human sexual response“ desire, excitement, orgasm”, namely as phases of the sexual desire.

A while ago, more precisely in the 60’s, Masters and Johnson had researched about the alterations taking place in the human body during intercourse. In order to put their experiments in place and mover further afield, they relayed on volunteers from both genders willing to perform sexually while monitored by equipment which detected any given physiological alterations such as heat, color, thus any alteration in the genitals of both genders during foreplay.

They came up with four divisions for the human sexual response, and it goes as follows” the arousal (excitement), the plateau, the orgasm, and the resolution, being the oldest, we opted for describing the four stages coined by Masters and Johnson.

Arousal (excitement)- at this stage, the penis erection itself takes place. Men tend to be more susceptible to visual stimulation than women whose touch sensitiveness becomes apparent. Noticeably, the process of arousal in men consists of a will for being stimulated both as unaware as spontaneously, since the desire gets sharpen and intensified by sight. Pornography, memorabilia, erotica, enjoying the sight of a woman getting dressed, wearing beach wear, so far, there’s such large variety of stimuli, which may turn a man on, and therefore intercourse receptive.

At first, there’s blood constriction superficially and internally in some of the male genitals, and ongoing involuntary muscular contraction. Such excitement may last for hours or minutes. Muscle tension and blushing may occur; nipples get harden up and stick out. The heart rate and breathing pace display alterations by an increase in pace.

There are inside the penis three tubelike vascular sinuses constituted of muscular tissue, which are capable of becoming extended and rigid, being two named as cavernous and the remainder wraps itself around the urethra.

Now then, how the erection takes place?

In feeling aroused a man gets beside himself with lust, and an onset of information input by the cerebrum reach the nervous endings in the penis, setting up cells for action. Whereupon released is nitric oxide in order to dilate blood vessels that conduct on going blood. The cavernous are prompted to relax their smooth muscles and making room for incoming blood. In that the cavernous get filled up with blood to turn a limp penis into a hard and rigid, sticking out man’s best tool. At this point, arousal is at its climax, which may lasts hours or short time and hinges on age and individual characteristics.

Such stage of excitement is highly gratifying seeing that it entices our brains to release endorphin (neurochemical having analgesic properties). The longer it takes, the higher intensity reaching an orgasm would be, for it augments the volume of sperm shoot out, and therefore pleasure gets magnified by intense muscular spasms.

  • The Plateau- whose characteristics may occur before or after penetration, promotes a mild testicular lift and Vascular clogging in the scrotum. Tandem, in this stage that fecundation may occur, in case interrupt coitus is employed as prevention method, if seminal liquid leaks.
  • The Orgasm- gets divided in two phases. First (lasting around 2 to 4”), takes place as the prostrate contracts with 0 to 8” intervals. Second, the release of seminal fluid occurs, in 0 to 8” intervals, with sprays of variable pressure. As long as the orgasm sets into action, there can be blocked, since it’s an involuntary muscular contraction and tension escape valve.
  • Resolution- as men loose erection passing to a phase called refractive. It may vary from individuals according to age, whereas healthy young males might be able to sustain erection until new ejaculation takes place.

Are the male orgasm and ejaculation the same thing?

There’s no such a thing as direct relation between each other. Being intrinsically connected, otherwise displaying specific origins and functions. Men as neurological pleasure feel the orgasm. This is so, because the seminal fluid builds up in the bulbous of the prostate gland shortly before the orgasm itself and produces such sensation of imminent ejaculation. Of which, drives the testicles close in, to trigger off an onset of muscular contractions that result in the release of seminal fluid.

Men however, may reach orgasm without ejaculating, and yet feel its sensations along the different stages of intercourse. The orgasm is such delight that enthralls the male body to manifest itself through ejaculation, to rendering such event as a cornerstone of manhood.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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