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Home -> Sexuality For Females -> Nymphomaniacs

Nymphomaniacs and Their Sexuality

For Females

Whoever heard about nymphomania envisages someone who lusts for sex all the time, anywhere and with anyone he/she could lay his/her hands on. It's not altogether wrong; nevertheless, nymphomania imbues a much wider concept, encompassing both genders.

Otherwise known as sex addiction, hyper- sexuality or hyperactive sexual desire, so much for men as women.

The nymphomaniac woman is compulsively promiscuous, having sexual relations fuelled by constant sexual impulses recklessly. Too motto is sexually geared up, neither love bonds and affection nor communication with sex partner. There's total detachment of any bond unless sexually charged. Priority is sexually- laden although often that doesn't suffice either.

It's argued that this kind of women is trying to solve identity-related problems other than obtaining sexual gratification.

It boils down to emotionally confused women and with a great deal of difficulty in accepting their own femininity. Pleasure lingering after sexual intercourse oscillates as their vast majority gets left up the garden path orgasm-wise. Those women, whose sexual acts mean thriving for domination and power-so-called power freaks, are sometimes orgasmic burden not by positive feelings but by presumptuously reckon domination over sex partners.

A nymphomaniac gets beside oneself with lust-burden sexual fantasies along with inadequate control over, generating a certain suffering somehow. This suffering stems from twisted thoughts and feelings overriding common sense. No resentment felt whatsoever, no fear of loss since all they care is to please their own sexual kicks.

When it comes to avoid or get a grip over sexual impulses they tend to turn all worked up or even slump in depression. A curiosity is the fact that there are different levels of sexual compulsion ranging from overdoing masturbation to prostitution and some whacky sexual disorders like pedophilia and rape.

As far as sexuality is concerned, causes vary a lot. There might be hormonal imbalance of neural substances. And yet, owing to a fixation in a pre-oedipal phase of the sexual development lingering to emotional disarray. More specifically in the anal phase whereupon the core fundamental is compulsion.

To instance treatments, ideal would be a combination of isolated therapies along with medication administration.

Some gals out there, noticeably, who feel in need of two or more comes in a day with multiple orgasms-lucky them, shouldn't be alarmed. Providing their sex lives involve only a husband or sex partner, it falls under normal patterns and you can rest assured that the blend nymphomaniac is far from your reality.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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