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Oral Sex Guide

Oral Sex

Oral sex is a very pleasant and rewarding sexual practice. Oral sex shroud many taboos and prejudices, there are those who dislike oral sex and of course, it may not be the case of many others.

To practice fellatio as much as cunnilingus, there are certain points that we should observe, such as:

  • Take good care of your teeth: They are not invited into this game. Allow, at most, some rubbing very, very gentle.
  • As the arousal increases, you should also increase the intensity of your caresses.
  • Pay attention to gestures: They will indicate what excites your partner more, therefore, where you can put more pressure on.

Fellatio Guide:

  • Shape an ‘O’ with your lips, place lips carefully at the bottom end of his member and move the head in gentle circular motions.
  • Place your lips along the shaft and move your lips up and down, first on one side and after another. Swiftly take the bottom of his penis between your lips, with quick circular motions, kissing tenderly and throwing backwards the fore skin. Let the gland to go wholly into your mouth and hold the shaft firmly between your lips. Maintain the pressure a little bit longer before releasing it.
  • Once more round your lips and kiss all along the shaft, sucking and kissing at the same time. While kissing , make your tongue "flutters" all along the penis finishing on the bottom end. Striking with your tongue repeatedly the sensitive tip of the head.
  • Let the penis penetrate as deep as you think is possible in your mouth, pressing and sucking it. You should never blow inside the penis. It can cause infections.

You can also stroke and kiss the testicles.

No matter what people think, the ultimate decision is yours. You can allow your partner or not to ejaculate in your mouth. Just as you can swallow it or not, if it pleases you.

Cunnilingus Guide:

  • With the tip of your fingers, play with her pubic hair, tweak the outer lips, slowly joining and kissing them.
  • With your nose start taking the lips slowly apart and let your tong lick her clitoris hood. Make slow circles with your nose, lips and chin. Hold your lips on to hers. Kiss her deeply. Bite and suck her clitoris ever so slowly. Try to hold her clitoris with your lips.
  • When you figure out that her vagina is getting well moist, blow it slowly. It gives a very pleasant feeling. Shape an "U" with your tongue and lick it strong and swift, starting at the clitoris and finishing at the entrance of the vagina.

Hold your tong straight and play at the entrance of the vagina, trying to stick it inside.

If you choose to stick a finger in the vagina, don’t do it from start. The pleasure that the finger gives "distracts" from the one obtained from your tongue, (more sensual but less intense).

Some women can’t stand having their clitoris touched after reaching orgasm, and for sometime afterwards. Make sure that won’t be your case.

His mouth and your mouth licking each other’s genitals, respectively, in perfect harmony, where the sweat love, the wild passion and the burning desire build up and grow from strength to strength until crashing against the walls of the ultimate pleasure called orgasm.

The 69 Guide:

As you have figured the so-called 69 is not another novelty where both lovers give mutual fellatio and cunnilingus. It is a mind blowing experience. Oral sex is one of the most tasteful variants of the sex... and to carry out it, only takes: a clean body, mainly the genitals, and a mouth wash; a little daring spices up and picks up imagination add lust to make the perfect recipe, and enjoy it!


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Oral Sex: Self Fellatio


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