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Sex and Premature Ejaculation

For Males

In "sexual impotence", the problem is to achieve erection. In 'premature ejaculation" the problem is to keep erection. Because, in this case, man ejaculates involuntarily right at the beginning of sex intercourse or relation and his penis withers. The cause of premature ejaculation being often the high degree of sexual tension. Perhaps, a man could be simply overexcited, which is usual on the first time a boy makes love to his partner.

Control over ejaculation is also a manner of sex technique that takes sometime to be mastered. Hence, the emphasis that most specialists give to the practice and to tolerance, success in the sex relationship increases as time goes by. The first sexual relation between two people rarely corresponds to expectations.

At times, a man may learn self-control, concentrating intensely on any idea that detours his attention. Employing different positions in the sex act is also a resource to tapped on, much as to retard orgasm, as to induce it at desired moment.

One of the reasons suggested to explain premature ejaculation is that, in some cases at least, a man's first experiences were done with prostitutes who wanted him to hurry up. Better still, a relation took place under circumstances on which point the sex act should be accomplished, rapidly.

Absolutely, reactions of fore partners regarding the body and the genitals can either override or build up confidence and, by the way a person's capacity. In other words, initial experiences may affect sex activities lately.

Exist cases in which incapacity to reach orgasm is caused by anatomical malformation or by physiological deficiencies. For example, when a woman constantly finds intercourse, a.k.a. sex act, painful or difficult, should seek out a doctor in order to verify if her difficulty has any physical cause.

Those men who wish, whether unconsciously or not, to avoid sexual relations, at large or with a woman in particular, may react to the situation with various reactions, penial flaccidity, erection loss when penetration time approaches, and ejaculation prior or shortly after penetration. There are several techniques to overcome anxiety there is underlying in the majority of such cases.

The most famous of them all consists in reeducation of sex acceptance, followed by partner aided training that teaches a man to prolong the situation further.

The technique is such, she masturbates him several times, usually getting near orgasm threshold and after that forcing a pause, during which the penis glans could be squeezed between the thumb and the index finger and the middle finger, placed at the tip end of glans. Thus, a man learns to control himself.

Most men with premature ejaculation go through an inverse a condition. That is, a difficulty or inability to ejaculate in the vagina after being their original sexually linked disorder successfully treated. That isn't a result of wishful thinking to prevent pregnancy, but probably related, somehow, to lack of practice. Solution might come with time, with the build up of sexual experiences.

By Jonatas Dornelles

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