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Sex Relationships

For Couples

The sculptures in Hindu temples celebrate the sex-act as a divine inducement. Too, was love held just as important, so much so that the consensus was that children would not be conceived unless there was pleasure and passion between lovers. Meanwhile, there’d been endless periods in western history in which sex was perceived as a vulgar manifestation of animalism.

Most animals go through matting phases. The female is at her optimal condition for the sexual intercourse, thus seemingly irresistible attractive to the male gaze, just so in this time of the year in which she is all geared up to conceive. The humankind is an exception to the rule. The sexual desire is, or might be in, all year around. That means that sexual impulse is connected lesser to the process of reproduction, rather than other qualities of the individual.

When having sex, our expectation is not just supposed to be yielding satisfaction to an instinctive impulse. Through sex, we’re able to express sentiments of tenderness and reassurance to somebody else. Hence, the pleasure we give is as important as what we receive. Two human beings desperately in love for each other usually get to experience streaks of fusion, of physical and psychological closeness, as of identity. In the humanly sexual intercourse the loving couple might reach out for the illusion of unity. It’s illusion because their bodies, although united, are not one and so-remain their sensations being exclusive. Even those animals destitute of matting season are different from humans in their sexual manifestation. How could such diversity be explained?

The humankind is unique in its capability of getting the message across through the symbols. Broadly, we “speak” by the meaning of the words, and also through any given action, of each and every gesture. Whichever the humankind do comes overburden with significance. In this sense, is the sexual rapport a delicious mode of language, through which we make ourselves clear inasmuch as we induce pleasure in our partner. It would never be too far fetched to stick out to the notion that sex ought to be regarded as a dual-relationship.

Such remark may not be as obvious as it seems, since it would easier if every one could only mind their own business in sex. If the sexual rapport seems to be not satisfactorily, one is bound to grow concerned with self-performance.

The mass media broadcast usually saturates our sight and hearing with straightforward references, or underlying innuendos, towards the primacy of “ sexual efficiency”. Frequently, the net result of such pressure comes across as overdone gauging with self-performance. All of which might make us forget our sex-partner entirely. If sex comes across as a mode of communication, it mustn’t be mistaken by the melancholic-wise dual-masturbation.

Nevertheless, the acknowledgement of new techniques that enable inducement of highly intense pleasure, including masturbation, ensures caring trade off all along between lovers. It’s imperative that the man and the woman catch up with the preferences and spots most sensitive of the partner’s body. With a hint of imagination, it’s always possible to renew the satisfaction triggered by sexual relationship.

By Jonatas Dornelles

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