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Sadomasochism as A Sexual Variant

Alternative Sex

Finding pleasure in pain...
"In the aberration we find delight and pleasure in the most hateful thing. Every day we descend a pace towards hell, without horror, through darkness that stinks". (Charles Baudelaire)

Masochism is the sexualexcitation as consequence from self-sufferance, whether by physical pain, humiliation or mistreatments. The sexual pleasureobtained by being subjugated and humiliated is very old. Aristotle begged Filis, a public woman, to ride him as a horse and strike his rump.

The extreme masochist doesn’t need to accomplish the sexual intercourse in order to obtain sexual satisfaction; the practice has much of masturbation, since sexis replaced by the symbolic manifestation of the somewhat real humiliation.

Sadism is the sexual excitation caused by the fact or the fantasy in place another or more than one person under physical or psychological sufferance. The sadist therefore, not only obtains excitation by inflicting physical pain but also by humiliating, submitting and degrading someone.

The pleasure by cruelty and the sadism differ by the fact that the sadism entails the sexual excitation, while cruelty is the mere delight that some people experiment before other people's agony.

The word sadism derives from the famous French writer Marquis de Sade, contemporary to the French Revolution. He was the protagonist of different scandals when denounced by prostitutes who accused him of drugging and beating them. For that reason, he spent 13 years in prison, which he dedicated to write down his fantasies as a response to the love letters that his wife sent. His work was censored for years. Among his work "Justine" and "The 120 days of Sodom" are remarkable. There is a certain degree of transgression of rules, of approaching the forbidden zone, inherent to the sadomasochistic culture.

Different Cultures

There is also residues of sadomasochistic practices in many distant cultures from the western ones.

The Indians Chocoes, according to Doctor Jose Manuel Reverte Comas, are sexually stimulated in the marriage by mutual sadomasochistic actions. She nails the husband’s chin until he bleeds and he inflicts on her strong and painful pinches on her hips resulting in bruises.

Also the Hindus indicate in some of their writings seven classes of bites by means of which the sadist obtained pleasure by biting and the masochist, excitation by being bitten.

It’s an old custom in the Island of Borneo and others of Malaysia and Indonesia that the man crosses his gland with a metallic rod called "kalang", ended by two metallic buttons. With the penis like that he makes love to his partner, which seems to be pleasant for her, since she gives him some extra "kalang" once in a while.

Searching for references

These sexual conducts have been called sexual deviations, aberrations and even defined within the pathologies as " perversion too much apart from the normal". Nevertheless, the sexual lackof inhibition has brought to light the fact that this type of sexual conductcomprises the sexual lifeof many people who do not undergo any type of pathology. It is important to mention that the currency of this kind of practices has come to terms to celebrating sadomasochistic meetings, like the First Sadomasochistic Event celebrated in Buenos Aires, in which, along side the display of different elements of torture and typically sadomasochistic conducts, the Code of Clothing consisted of articles made of leather, PVC, latex and dark clothes specified.

In spite of this, the sadomasochism world is surrounded in a halo of mystery and depravation and it is perhaps difficult to perceive the line that separates healthful sexual pleasurefrom sexual deviance if not considered from a sexual perspective.

According to these premises it is not complicated to understand the reason why the Internet has become a perfect and safe place to satiate the sadomasochistic appetite of many people. The pages dedicated to photographs; videos and sale of objects related to the sadomasochism proliferate.

Some of the sadomasochistic practices and terms:

  • Flagellation.
  • Spanking: (Buttocks’ flagellation) It is the act of inflicting pain on the buttocks, with the palms of the hands or some other object, like a whip, trowel or sandal.
  • Bondage: It consists of immobilizing the person and making different erotic practices above him/her. Fundamentally characterized by the use of fastenings with ropes, although there also can be used chains, leather hand-cuffs, metal (for the neck - waist – fingers, hands, feet -) shackles with extensors to tie at the wall, embedded or movable traps.
  • Anal Childbirth: It is the simulation of childbirth by the anus. In order to practice it, a cleaning in the area should be made, stimulating its expansion through prostate massages introducing a small object and expelling it from the anus. This type of practice is usually made on a gynecological chair.
  • Needles: It consists of the application of needles in different parts of the body.
  • Electric Stimulation: It consists of the sexual stimulation by means of small electrical discharges on the genital, anal zone or other non-erogenous parts of the body.
  • Slavery: In addition to the domination implied to this sexual practice, sometimes it gets to the point of trapping the naked masochist person, while the sadist one masturbates under his captivity.
  • Humiliation: For example, to be forced to crawl and to bark as a dog or to be submitted to verbal insults or to defecation over his/her body.
  • Fist Fucking: It is the act of introducing the fist into the vagina or the anal region.
  • Golden Shower: It consists of urinating upon the other person.
  • Facesitting: It consists of seating on the face of a person, obstructing the respiratory routes and, thus, causing asphyxia.
  • Trampling: It is the act of walking all over another person’s body, which can be made barefoot or with the shoes on, putting pressure with the heels or the plant of the feet.
  • Wax Dripping: It is the application of hot wax from a candle onto the skin of a partner.
  • Cross-Dressing: To get dressed with clothes of the opposite sex. It can also be used as a humiliation form.
  • Hipoxiphilia or Asfixiophilia: It consists of being deprived of oxygen by means of breast compression, knots, ties, plastic bags, masks or chemical agents able to cause reduction of the cerebral oxygenation. But attention, this practice is certainly dangerous, in fact every year, all around the world; several people die accidentally by doing it.
  • Scratching: To deeply scratch the skin of a partner during the sexual intercourse.
  • Bondage: It consists of tying a person with bows and ropes and leaving him/her in a darkroom that simulates a prison.
  • Coprophilia and Urophilia: It is the suffering through the "taste". It is about to ingest repugnant or simply non-nutritional substances. Ingestion of feces and urine is included.
  • Cold: The submission to the cold is used to cause sexual stimulation for the sadistic through the masochist’s suffering by the torture he’s submitted to.

Is it possible to delimitate scientifically what is and what is not a perversion?
For many people these sexual practices may seem pathological and shameful, as well as the ones who practice might be perverts or mentally ill, nevertheless the number of people perfectly sane that adopt these practices is considerable. There is no problem whenever it is clear that the conducts are only role-plays, sexual games, and both characters embody the erotic role they play respecting each other’s will. In a sadomasochistic forum, one of the cyberpunks said: "Through the sadomasochistic practices we don’t look much for the pleasure of punishing and being punished but the conscience of the following source of pleasure and its origin: dominance/obedience/submission ".

For some years the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has been proposing the change of the term paraphylia because with its use "perversion" has excessively become contemptuous. Since then, sexologists and other professionals who deal with health have used paraphylia to refer the classic concept of perversion.

Inevitably we all have paraphilic elements in our sexuality, sexual pleasure is essentially obtained by playing the game, in which like a salad, multiple paraphilic aspect combines: voyeur, exhibitionist, sadist, masochist, etc. As in salad, in different occasions it is possible for one to enjoy different elements, even though it is common that each person has major preferences for some of these paraphilic elements.

The essential key of the clinical diagnosis of paraphylia is connected to the criterion of exclusiveness in the peculiar way to obtain sexual stimulation. And for sure, they are more frequent among men than among women...

Unlikely what one would believe in, the agitation by paraphylia imposes a tremendous limitation of the possibilities of enjoyment for the affected one, who has a reduction of his spectrum of possibilities of sexual stimulation, resulting, according to the agitation’s severity progress, the restriction of his options to obtain sexual excitation, limited to his/her particular paraphylia. Cases of multi-paraphilic persons are frequent, that is to say they have several paraphilic conducts, such as: exhibitionist, voyeur and frotteur; or transvestite and fetishist, etc.


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