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How to Seduce A Woman

For Males

Mysterious is the ways that lead to the understanding of the feminine mind. As intricate as it may seem, the feminine mind continues to be an indecipherable enigma for men. Men hardly know what goes on in their own minds and in that how to get to the women’s heart in order to seduce them? If you’re a man and you’re interested, keep up with the following uncertainties, since for men, women’s minds are nothing but uncertainties.

To seduce a woman is not such an easy task. Flowers, a good restaurant, trying to impress her (what a mind job!), everything goes in the attempt to get to her heart.

Women work differently in comparison to men. Women’s minds have tortuous ways and to get to them as to have a close relationship demands cleverness. So, there goes a tip: men’s sexual urge is generally a reason for women’s disappointment. Like the animals, men and women have a love ritual to run before the consummation of the affair, which is praised by women. Until this consummation, which is generally decided by the women, men run around them like a dog without a bone, pleasing them in every possible manner until the so expected “yes”. No matter how things have changed since the sexual Revolution of the 60’s, women will always enjoy being pleased by men. Women are sensible and delicate individuals, so they expect a little bit of these same attributes from the men who are trying to seduce them. Therefore, in order to achieve their goal, men ought to play the game of seduction by women’s rules. Being objective, going straight to the point - in the sense, for example, to satiate sexual urges -, here, on this matter of seducing, has nothing to do with pleasing them. That’s why no hurry is suggested.

Beauty and brightness - Conversely to the men, women don’t give this too much importance to the beauty. Of course they feel attracted by handsome guys, but such a quality if not accompanied with intellectual attributes, is worthless. Ok, if you are an Adonis your beauty speaks for itself and you should not be reading this, but if you’re not... It is much more relevant for women that men show sensibility, intelligence, sense of humor than the way they look. Again, if the man happens to add these two qualities (beauty and brightness), ok, better for him, otherwise this should not be a reason for too much concern. It is not a general rule, but intelligence, sense of humor or sensibility (perhaps all of which together) may bring balance to the equation of those who lack beauty. An ugly but smart man may perfectly achieve his goal to seduce a woman. Furthermore, beauty is a subjective matter that varies from person to person.

Humor - Women like men who make them laugh. Men who have this ability denote intelligence. The man doesn’t exactly need to be a clown (this would repel them instead), but extracting a smile from their faces indicates progress in the intent of getting their attention and sympathy. A good round of laughs and sincere smiles sets the mood towards a relaxed atmosphere, which opens way for intimacy. That’s when the drinks come in. Alcohol (in a measured manner) turns laughs easier to come out. All this combined with the proper sense of humor may be an explosive invitational combination for the woman to become receptive.

Mutual seduction - And by the way, in a personal interrelation, who seduces who? It is possible that while the man assumes he is the one, who is seducing the woman, in fact it is her, who has already irreparably seduced him. If you’re trying to seduce a woman, isn’t it possible that it is so because you have already been hooked like a fish? And if she has already deliberately seduced you, wouldn’t it be the case to ask if the one who’s seduced you did this because you also have already seduced her without even notice it? Assumptions to make.

Whatever the ways to seduce a woman, the important thing is to never let the opportunity of seducing someone go wasted. Depending on the woman, the regret could be immeasurable. And so could be the reward for having tried at least.


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