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Sex and Pregnancy - Part 1


You went to collect the results of your pregnancy test. It came out positive. You might think to yourself, “What would change in my sexuality”? If you’re a mother to be for the first time you ought to be eager to know how pregnancy would affect your sexual life. Would I have to stop having sex altogether? Let’s see...

A confirmation of pregnancy brings out mixed feelings of twisted emotions in every woman. Fantasizing about what changes in your life, new responsibilities, learning about new things, refraining from doing others. Over by the first pregnancy, those fantasies come followed by fears. Mostly, fear of failure.

A couple’s life, shared by only two before, now should beckon in a third party. No matter how eager you might be and how scrupulously planned this son might have been, preparations will likely to bring up insecurities and the inevitable questioning “would I be ready”. Throughout gestation, the mother to be would have to come to terms with the process by each phase at time. The father, vital for the sake of conception, but also in gestation and afterwards at upbringing, bound to be as insecure and anxious as the would be mother. This very father, a boyfriend in the first place, now becomes something else. A mere spectator? It would be worthwhile to make him understand that he makes part of this event. At which point, she as pregnant has ensured herself a baby but feels as if she could loose her hubby. Why is it so? A modern man, needs to procreate and at the same time needs emotional balance, and becomes aloof by seeing that “done what was supposed to be done” but faces the ditch.

Twisted emotions, disarray, and insecurity. Man and women go through a rough patch, unsure of whether become father and mother respectively or husband and wife.

On top of that, it renders them unaware that both roles might be played simultaneously. In such a melting pot of emotions, the couple emulate their fantasies, aroused by pre-established ideas about sex during pregnancy. While in bed, he avoids touching her posed by the idea that it could hurt her and thus induce miscarriage. Nevertheless, sexual desire would linker during this period. Some women quoted increasingly sexual desire as a result of sexual hormones increased production or because they couldn’t care less for contraception. The baby knows from inside every single step of what is going on with relatives outside. Sex during pregnancy is harmless as far as the baby’s welfare is concern, so long as safety precautions are taken during sexual intercourse.

The first step is to throw over the shoulders all pre-conceived ideas regarding sex, so live up each moment at large. Therefore, sexual activity during pregnancy would increase intimacy and complicity between them two, release tensions and indulge sexuality delights. After all, the one who enjoys sexuality alongside pregnancy gets ahead of everything.

An open dialogue between the couple and the gynecologist would aid to clarify important details. To instances sexuality, a baby is able to perceive relatives having a good time during sexual intercourse, as relaxed and in harmony, and too becomes happy, not seeing what’s going on, so that should couple not be ashamed of anything.

Another doubt- at climax her tummy usually turns stiff with no repercussions on labor as believed by many otherwise. In addition, the penis thrusting will not hurt the fetus inside.

Physical alterations undergone by the woman may be a deterrent during sexual intercourse, such as lagging vaginal lubrication and enlargement of the abdominal area.

Nothing that a good water based lubricant couldn’t solve. Furthermore, adjustments towards sexual positions like her on top for further penetration would go a long way sexually speaking. She lay side ways, placing a pillow underneath for extra support as he fits in from behind. Swapping positions should be on a trial and error basis until an all round set can be established. A growing belly might call for help when applying ointments and creams as well as another excuse to get off a tangent into the nitty-gritty.

In the last few weeks leading to childbirth, when she feels rather tired and fears harsh movements, it would be good to remember that sexual intercourse doesn’t go by penetrative sex alone. Sex acrobatics like mutual masturbation and oral sex can make up for it. It would work out well when the doctor talks down on creative sex acrobatics.

Anyhow, it would be sensible to interrupt sexual activities and seek gynecologist aid at any given sign of these following situations: blood loss or blood stains, loss of amnionic fluid or burse rupture. Thus, especially if abortion occurred in other pregnancy it would call for medical intervention.

Remember that certain alterations occurring during pregnancy are temporary.

Above all, openness between the couple and always seeking professional aid whenever doubts arise. Thus, when feeling reassured of familial roles and not missing sex roles. All of which highly intense.

By Carla Lunkes

Sex During Pregnancy - Part 2


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