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Sex Myths


Curiosities on sexual concepts abound freely. Sex myths like Viagra surpass common sense. Thus, a taboo free sexuality remains heaven on earth despite efforts.

Human sexuality is an inexorable source of fears and hunkers. When sexually minded people express their sexual leanings those against free sexuality turn eager for sex myth mongering. Scientific marvels like Viagra aid unleash every sexual motive concealed in sex myths.

To hold sex myths accountable only adds more hearsay on sexuality taboo forging. Achieving sexuality harmony springs from smooth rough edges on sexual relation.

Most taboos permeate from religious inculcation although physical flaws can amplify prejudice.

Here are some of most popular old wives’ tales:

- A sexual intercourse only occurs with vaginal penetration: A sex act is by far more ample than this misconceived idea. There can be performed in many ways, i.e., oral sex, anal sex, and clitoral stimulation. What counts is the means for obtaining sexual pleasure. The penis penetration in the vagina is only one out of the bag.

- Women are less sexually orientated than men: Whole lotta of ol’ cobbles, for women are into sex too.

- Sterilization affects men and women sexually decreasing sex drive: Anything as such only prevents pregnancy not altering sexual desire.

- Penis size counts: Widely discussed by popular demand, sexual pleasure however comes down to sexual performance. Size and girth doesn’t matter.

- A man shouldn’t express feelings: A man has feelings hence being entitled to express them. Expressing feelings ensure sexuality heightening.

- Sex is good only when reaching orgasm simultaneously: No chance. Sex means non-stop apprentice and respect by the other’s limits. Obviously, when a couple manages to reach orgasm in unison longed sensations ought to be enthralling, but this shouldn’t be a general rule, since tension built up from attempts of reaching simultaneous climax may spoil the sex act itself, hampering efforts.

- A man should never turn down sex: Say you says who? A man is entitled to refuse sex offers, owing to piling up odds. A down beat man pass of haphazardness of daily tribulations on his sexual performance.

- Sexual fantasy indulgence is unthinkable of: All the way round, sexual fantasies are repressed hankers, which can and should come out at sex time. It spices up sexuality.Come to terms with your sex fantasies. Always keep your sex partner’s in good terms as well.

- Unprotected anal sex can leave you pregnant: By all means always safer sex. Spermatozoids are as fast as stealth, in other words, no matter how unlikely it might seem spermatozoids might ooze in the vagina.

- A woman always bleed in her first sexual relation: Another fallacy as female morphology varies. The hymen tends to rupture with penetrative sex but changes can be expected due to its thickness and elasticity.

- Overdoing masturbation render men impotent: Pure non-sense, the bigger the better.

- Masturbation induces hair growth in hands: Not at all, let alone blindness, acne and a pile of codswallop.

Bigotry has a lot to do with sexual castration. As well sexuality taboos thrive on guilt impingement of religious kicks. Sexual intimacy embraces all sex daring boundaries for so trial.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

· Sex Myths (Jul 18, 2005)


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