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Sex Talk

For Parents

Whenever in need of striking balance with someone, at the sexual theater, there’s nothing better than coming to terms with our own physical capabilities, our willingness, knowingly exactly what we’re letting ourselves in for or boundaries.

Bear with me; we should never be carried away to the point of getting ourselves hurt physically or emotionally, let alone someone else’s. On a second thought, get to know deeply who sticks by you, what she feels-like, what’s she after, what turns her on, her hankers, her ultimate goal in bed, when sex urges.

By popular demand sexual intercourse gets started, roughly speaking, by the penis insertion in the woman’s vagina, as a rule of the thumb. Rules? Is there such a thing as sex-rules? No there aren’t any, far from that. I did go on to expose sex as it were purposely, in it meaningful sense. The so-called rules solely consist of respecting the boundaries of each and every one, avoiding being dragged into events to please others and getting all fired by all the desire and gratification that the involved parties would be in for.

Most of it doesn’t go by the act itself, not just penetration make it worthwhile, as all that comprises foreplay, caressing one another, those sex-games, inasmuch as lust from when two bodies mutually gearing up, and sex-drive speaking louder.

Reciprocity, it’s the key-element for the couple’s optimal performance in bed. For loving-times and when it comes to sex. There are plenty of physiological reactions that intertwine within erotic arousal and regardless of whether the woman exerts an active or passive role, what happens is that the man feels and is aware of the changes the woman’s body undergoes.

The aroused woman’s sexual organs get into a clogging state, rendering her clitoris erectile, at the same time as the external part becomes moisten by vaginal secretion. Hence the man gets to feel all these rhythmical contractions of her as its compression happens through traction motion-wise.

The most important of it all is that those pleasure sensations are not bound to the genital alone, the best of it, the sensory impressions get carried along by the central nervous system and when discharge ensues the so-satisfaction gets felt as a whole and just local. Once again reciprocity plays key part in role-playing ultimately toward sexual union.

When it comes to catching up in bed things might get a bit tough given that there will be desires and responses sexually speaking. Having said that, human communication isn’t so hard in this aspect, what complicates is self-consciousness that so many out there suffer from on top of having to deal with the male prowess.

If any concern has ever arisen in sex time that would certainly be the worst time to discuss matters further. We know by the way that if something crept up in sex it had been nagging there in the first place. Find proper locations in the absence of sexual arousal to bring across touchy issues like his bad breath and beer belly or her saggy tits, double chin or flat ass. In times of fitness conscious people there is nothing that a good workout session can’t get away with these days.

A reasonable communication line and reciprocity along with the other regarding the sexual responses expected should suffice. Gradually building bonds by adding up positions to the couple’s repertoire seem the ideal ingredients for sex in harmony.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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