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Sexual Healing


Empiric knowledge concerning the relation between sex and well-being is commonplace. But now science is proving the veracity of this statement by the opposite view: it's a fact that an unsatisfying sex life affects many aspects of people's lives in ways of trouble at work, trouble on the relation with sons, concerning the social life, with the leisure time, not to mention the natural consuming of the couple's relationship. There's the sense (and the actual problem) of impotence that degenerate to all kinds of frustrations. All this implies in the low self-esteem caused by a disappointing sexual response. These are some of the consequences on the psychological level a dissatisfying sexual life may result. Now the scientists are investigating the physical benefits from a regular and good sexual practice.

These connections between sexuality and well-being have been traced since Sigmund Freud wrote about anxiety and neuroses emphasizing on sexuality in 1895. He preached that many mental disorders, specially phobias, do not occur when someone leads a normal sexual life. From then on, scientists dedicated their attention to investigate the impact sex may have on many facets of the human being, not only psychological ones. Example: how certain disorders such as Depression, heart or circulatory dysfunction and diabetes may affect sexual performance.

The most frequent female complaints are the lack of sex drive and difficulty in reaching orgasm. Men, on the other hand, complain about the difficulty of having or sustaining erection, if not both. Healthy habits such as adopting a balanced diet along with a regular practice of physical activities should suffice to improve sexual performances overall. If that doesn't work, there is a myriad of over the counter drugs to help. The pharmacology industry has developed many "tools" for those who lack a satisfactory sexual performance, predominantly more focused towards men's sexual deficiencies, once the motives which induce women to a non-satisfactory sex life have to, say, more with psychological, social and cultural reasons (like the association of sex to sin) than with physiologic matters. Needless say that the benefits such marvelous technology may provide (financial, for the industry; emotional for people).

In the 90's the World Health Organization included sex on the list of parameters which define the quality of life of a person, along with the preexistent ones: capacity to work, capacity to lead a social and familial life on good terms and autonomy in terms of not depending on anyone else to deal with the daily routine. Safe, frequent and pleasurable sex, say the doctors, may prevent heart diseases, insomnia, stress, anxiety, strengthen the immunologic system, regulate the humor, reduce body-fat contents and even retard the aging process.

As you can see, sex is joy and moreover good for the health, say the doctors. What better reason to practice it?


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