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Sexual Urges


The most popular and complex human activity is urges for the opposite sex. The doubt is- would the man's sexual desire be different to the woman's? It's said that a man's desire lingers to the idea of inconsistency and the quest for physical satisfaction.

There would be so sex-ridden that if there was ever mutual sympathy between a woman and a man's affair he would be bound to string up some physical relation as course of matters, with total disregard to love.

More often than not women seem unable to come to terms with this issue separately. Yet always concerns marriage. Therein implies the idea of consistency and reassurance. In acting out this way, both sexes are o­nly following behavioral patterns to them imposed by a cultural tradition of several centuries.

Such fine line drawn in our society between male attitudes and sexual potency provokes, in adolescents yet, major concerns regarding virility. Most youngsters feel insecure towards their capability to attract elements of the other sex, afraid of failure when time is due. Some get as far as conceiving that potency is linked to size of the genital organ, and yet o­n this factor hinges the success of any given physical relationship between man and woman.

As of men, qualms and queries regarding their sexual capacity would resemble attitudes that the majority of them adopt in order to claim publicly - yet to themselves, their own masculinity. Amid innumerous famous accounts that herald such phenomenon, Don Juan is the first and foremost, irresistible Casanova that draws in women with easiness, not keeping up, albeit, for long with any.

Worriedly tries to prove himself that he is all man, by playing up constantly from o­ne love affair to another. Evidently, Don Juan is such extreme example, yet points out to a streak that, in lesser or bigger degree, flares out in the male sexual behavior… the tendency to place maleness assertion above all the relationship with a woman.

Another concept totally destitute of scientific grounds is that the eroticism is much stronger in men than in women. Actually, innumerous researches come to shown that the woman's sexual needs can not be less important or less intense, o­nly existing certain differences regarding lifetime.

There was discovered, for instance, that the sexual impulse in men reaches its peak between age seventeen to twenty- five, though in women ranges between twenty-five and thirty.

However, even towards these rates stances mustn't be staunch, there would demand holding biological, cultural and psychological discrepancies accountable, which linger from person to person, whether woman or man.

Out in a blue moon, there was asked to a famous French courtesan at which age the woman's sexual desire begins to diminish, so she answered - " I take that would call for another person, since I am o­nly sixty-five ".

Further to the courtesan's account, we'd be better off not carried away by societal bias. The best time for sex it's when we really feel up for it. Yet for those women in search for their Prince Charming, it's worth recollecting a popular say-"while there can't be the right man, practice gets done along with the wrong-ones".

By Jonatas Dornelles

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