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Sex Spicy Talking

For Couples

If out of the blue your boyfriend asks you to talk dirty in sex games shouldn’t render you surprised at all. Much as gals, every now and then, enjoy a well placed spicy word or two sipping into their hearing pavilion.

Both man and woman, sexually speaking, are bound to become highly aroused from the sound of such non-sexy words, if not off-putting, as turned invitational. As far as sex goes anything is worth trying so long as permission comes granted in unison.

Communication during sex plays key part in and around sex time threshold when our senses are at their peak acumen. So then, hearing play its part in sending sounds enticingly to be figured out into imagery by our biggest sex organ, the cerebrum, as if you didn’t know it, and therefore hormonal production gears up for physical action in given and taken sex-related pleasure.

Who never felt like telling the sex partner what to do and where to go in a nasty swearing manner while having it off, literally? We all love it. Saying all that one believes should stay under the sun ever. Talking dirty is part of our sexuality approach no matter how subdue it might turn out. As sex features per se entail non-conventional communicative means for our societal norms, those into the sound of the words manage to alter their spoken world into imagery and physical action. Images are a real turn on only if followed by the right sound so to speak. Physical reaction comes in form of lubrication and erection hence sex-ridden actions.

Words translate emotions taken by our senses in actions physically interpreted, though sometimes men and women may not come to mutual understanding in this field of communication as discrepancies seem likely to arise.

By natural demand, women tend to lean towards romanticism and when sex time urges come up with romanticized words of tenderness, much as they enjoy listening to similar leanings.

As for the man, he would rather listen to spicy words and sex innuendos embodied in leering and overdone body language, so much for crouch scratching. Men by and large can’t help feeling turn on by sleaze in sex games even if it’s only verbal.

Unfortunately a great many women out there can’t bear the sound of their own voice let alone begging for more. It goes without saying that running a compliment on the size of his manhood would go a long way to turn things even spicier. He in turn tells you how tender and warm your sex organ feels while giving you head, it’s dream come true for those nonchalant on the loose.

Picture yourself out saying “eat me good…shovel all in big boy.”…it’s unlikely one could feel at ease, some would say. Though, all these discrepancies make part of a remnant string of preconceptions of bygone eras. Seeing that a woman moaning, at heyday of the last century, would be regarded as a streak for the like of low profile women.

Thanks heavens and for the sake of ultimate sexual freedom, whispers and moans are no longer forbidden. Don’t hold back anything; let your hair out and blow your trumpets…moans are much en vogue.

So then, let yourself go verbally, use and abuse of the words and their ingrain meanings, by being daring, after all sex does not take off in bed alone, but in the mind so far.Getting to grips with one’s own hankers and urges takes a good deal of self-expression, so spoken words for a reason. All that is worth mentioning lies within sexual intents, which might bring a lot of goodies if employed wisely, by means of sex-laced international language as of sleaze and innuendoes.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

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