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Stress X Sex


Say it without thinking, when you’re all stressed out, edgy, could your sexual life spell joy?

If you answered does right away then you deserve my best regards, because it would mean that both you and your partner can keep things well-apart.

However, if your reply was otherwise, don’t worry for you’re just part of the great majority who when troubled by whatever comes in, would suffer from libido taxing somehow. Because of that is not usual or them to feel unfit for shags and/or unwillingly towards sexual indulgence.

Mindfully, many are the causes that could render someone all worked up, as over board. Out of work, work demands (working over hours, shortage of clientele, professional jealousy, rubbing off on the wrong way with co-workers and top brass), a shift in job location or placement. Family bound concerns (marriage qualms, divorce, would-be drawbacks in dealing with the kids), sexual disorders, financial hiccups, either slacken up or overly physical activity; amidst others serve as usual examples of pitfalls overcome by folks from all walks of life.

As known the individual, and so the claim swears by, is unique and hence, the manner that each one reacts to all outlined above or likewise situations is what particularity is all about.

Those who seek solace from health experts if shy off when bringing up sexual issues could be questioned in regards by some rather attentive professional. This is so because when someone isn’t in touch with oneself, his sexual life will be in jeopardy, just give it time.

A couple of hints could help in keeping up the good spirits and to get on with it. The most important is to psych yourself up. Just like back at work where everything gets logged on the log book, get your lifestyle well-established in order to prevent slackened up and time wasting.

Spare time on yourself. It could be either Pilates or proper gym doing. Make time to be with your loved one, a candle lit dinner or a meal for two is of essence.

If what troubles you means sickness ( self-acquired or next of kin’s) being well-clued up treatment wise means cornerstone and in certain cases I’d put as relevant to undergo alongside the doctor in charge, the follow up of a psychologist, so that, one can seek reassurance at those extremely difficult moments as touchy.

Further to the psychologist or psychiatrist (who might as well prescribe much needed medicine) such support could be taken from where it was left at any point in life. Aim to get yourself further acknowledged into the best possible ways of coping with stress.

As for sex, “relax and cum” remains the best hint ever. That’s it, forget about problems and take sex as it’s, aka fun time, lust, joy and pleasure. Use up your imagination as due. Being relaxed after good shagging also means excellence in home-medicine for getting by the day.

Always remember that certain moments are priceless, never rebound. Life and sex should be lived up at large in every single streak.

By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

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