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Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex

Imagine an everlasting sexual relation. Sounds idyllic. Too right, such sexual relation of which sex partners can sample on all kinds of sexually charged sensations.

There is likely to take sexual pleasure seeking partners to the ultimate sexual pleasure after hours. Take my word on that, that’s possible and such sexual practice became known as Tantric sex.

Tantric sex originates in tantrism that in turn has its origins in the Indian esoteric tradition from time immemorial. Its practice harbors enlightenment of the human mind by taking followers to heighten states of consciousness. According to Tantric schools, the divine is never away from his creation, all the way round; he manifests himself over all material world and within anyone’s reach.

In terms of sex, “the Tantric sex practice is linked to believes and rituals of sex and fertility since the Neolithic. Its main goal seeks personal freedom that stretches itself by transcending from personality to conscious perception, reaching a state of blissfulness or indescribable pleasure”.

Thus, the Hindus believe in perfect physical and mental harmony being possible for a couple. It would be highest end for life and could be achieved through love, backed up by both genders living up the most of their sexuality.

According to the Hindus, a hug, a kiss, a bite and caress comprise the core foundation of sexual foreplay. All of which shouldn’t be employed solely on foreplay but also during sexual intercourse and sexual aftermath. The sexual intercourse itself should take lovers to heightening levels of pleasure.

Though, picture this one out- a woman performs a highly relaxing massage on her man. To do so, she’d employ her whole body. She hugs him, kisses, give tiny love bites, dig her nails in and perform relaxing-like movements enabling him to reach heighten states of consciousness and awareness. After that, it’s his turn to do so arousing her sexuality.

There can be a candle lit and aromatized ambiance, employing ointments and scented creams, fruits might be brought into play as well. The same applies to soundtrack or musical backdrop. It might take hours until the couple gets down to the sexual intercourse itself.

The sexual intercourse should last as long as they feel pleased, in a sort of timeless stretch of a feel good factor towards climax.

This is just an example of what can be achieved through Tantric sex. Rather than unremarkable seduction technique if anything, Tantric sex imbues philosophy- related sexual pleasure to be mastered by.

It’s a two-fold practice in that sexual heightening and self-acknowledgement.

Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

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