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The Secrets of the Clitoris... For Guys!

For Males

All too often we hear people moaning that we have to know our own body in order to achieve pleasure in the best possible way. It’s known that usually people don’t spend much time in trying to learn about themselves.

Society oaths sexas dirty and uncomely, so as to be ashamed of. Right then, what could we do to know the opposite sex a little bit better? To talk about the female body and all its intricacies renders such a question even more complicated. Let’s add up to one of the most important (and underestimated) features in the universe of the female sexuality.

First of all, a little bit of biology for the sake of information. Since male and female babies are identical until a certain period of gestation, and both the penis and the clitoris originate from exact the same tissue. The differences begin to pop up in the male baby in the presence of testosterone, hence the primary tissue develops into a penis. Otherwise, in the absence of testosterone, this tissue will continuous to develop steady until turning into a clitoris, and then we’ll have a girl.

With this explanation, we’re able to state that the clitoris is the real correspondent to the penis as opposed to the vagina, as it was previously thought and some people hold true. Now, imagine all that penis sensitivity, well known by the boys, concentrated in an organ by the size of a clitoris. That’s right, the woman has about the same amount of nerve endings on the clitoris that a man has in his penis. The clitoris has also the exclusivity of being the only organ in the human body whose function providessexual pleasure solely. As in men, the penis has also the function of eliminating urine through the urethra.

Where’s this “magic button” known by igniting the female sexuality’s mechanism actually located? As woman she stands a better chance to explore herself and discover how to best stimulate her clitoris. In contrast men have a hard time reaching the desirable level of intimacy to talk their partners into showing how they’d like to be aroused. Or even to ask her to allow him to explore her body in search for that magical spot.

The clitoris is located at the top of the vulva, where the labia meet, lays hidden by the clitoral hood, which corresponds to the prepuce in men. You can find the clitoris by gently pressing down the area where the labia meet and will feel a lump about the size of a grain (although sizes may vary). But it represents only a tiny portion of the clitoris. In fact, the clitoris extends inside whose shaft draws until in and around the vagina’s opening, which displays about 9cm in length. When a woman gets aroused, the erectile tissue that builds the shaft, swells and fills up with blood (so does the penis), then it acts along with the vaginal muscles in the tightening process. In fact, some researches point that the clitoris has a strong connection with the G Spot. Which theoretically implies that the clitoris receives indirect stimulation from other body parts. Nonetheless such indirect stimulation takes direct contact with the clitoris to provoke orgasm.

So, how could it be properly stimulated? Obviously, each woman has likings and dislikes about her own sexuality, but some tips may come in hand next time, when necessary.

- Most women find irritating being stimulated directly on the clitoris. This is so because the gland may feel uncomfortable when rubbed. Otherwise, you better off to massage the clitoris by the hood, which turns out very arousing.
- Women hold a grudge about men who don’t invest time in trying to discover how they’d like to be stimulated. It’s trial and error. Overcome shame and ask her what she likes best. Use and abuse of masturbation, oral sex, and sex toys.
- No one would known better than a woman herself how it should feel. Boldly ask your partner to masturbate in front of you. More than giving lectures, she could perform an exciting pep show beautifully. Whenever possible, have her to guide your hand in, while she shows you how to tickle and touch her love triangle.
- During oral sex, be as gentle as pulling your foreskin back. Men usually enjoy receiving oral sex as vacuum cleaners. Let’s not overlook the clitoris’ over sensibility, for tenderness speaks out loud. Use your tongue and lips making circular movements, and keep an eye on your partner’s reactions. If something doesn’t click, switch approach, and with a hint of imagination create new techniques.

Keep in mind that subtlety is essential. Giving women pleasure isn’t as easy as pleasing yourself, seeing their complex sexuality. Don’t expect it to work first hand. With a build up of intimacy and a bit of practice, we won’t guarantee mastering total expertise, but rest assured that you will give your best half some unforgettable moments. She will be pleased.


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