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Sex and Contraceptive Methods

Sexual Health

The sexual intercourse or coitus, the main form of expression as far as sexuality is concerned. It takes two to tango as basic principle in all sexually pleasure yielding acts. Therefore, there might be various reasons for sexual intercourse. In the vast majority of cases, sex bears sexual pleasure as main purpose. For those into movies, sex sometimes denotes passion and even love, the other’s happiness as the main goal. So far so good, at which point undesired pregnancy comes about.

Furthermore, in order to prevent mishaps there come contraceptive methods. Being classified as temporary-natural methods, hormonal methods, barrier methods, d.i.u, and definitive methods-vasectomy and tube sealing.

The natural methods a.k.a. behavioral methods or pregnancy detection, methods of periodic abstinence or familial planning. Defined as technical recommendations for pregnancy detection by observation of natural signs that occur naturally in the fertile and infertile phases of the menstrual cycle. Roughly speaking, four methods are so far described- the calendar method or the rhythm method Ogino-Knaus; basal body core; the Billings method-cervix mucous; thermosyntomatic or syntotherm. Besides there’s the coitus interrupts method.

The hormonal methods- consist of progestogenics administration whether isolated or along with estrogens. Via oral-pills or via intramuscular-monthly injections; or via subcutaneous-subcutaneous implants, vaginal rings.

Barrier methods- some of the oldest means of contraception, including condoms, female preservatives, diaphragm, contraceptive sponge, cervix hood and spermicides.

Intra-uterine device-iud. a small-like device inserted in the interior of the uterine colon by the gynecologist. Much in use since 1959, it comes in progesterone form or copper-made, highly popular in places like China.

Vasectomy and tube sealing considered definitive contraceptive methods or sterilization.

It’s down to the gynecologist to counsel on the dos and don’ts of each method. Prescribing the most suitable in terms of sexuality guarantees a happy ever after sexual life for couples. Sex is wonderful when safer sex dictates the motto.

Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

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Endometrial Contraception


Sex and Contraceptives

The Morning After Pill

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