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Sexual Crimes: What To Do?

Sex Offenders

Let’s face it, not a nice subject, or something that everyone feels comfortable with to talk about. But, to proceed after being victimized of sexual abuse can turn rather distressing for anyone in such dire straits. A sexually abused victim gets drawn in emotional turmoil likely to lead common sense astray when decision making.

Several are the measures a victim of a sexual abuse should embrace. Nonetheless, filing a police report isn’t mandatory (this decision is up to the victim), further consequences including infection by STD’s or unintended pregnancy are likely , the best course of action still is to guarantee health and safety.

It’s vital to seek professional aid. There can be found women’s friendly call-centers in most cities the world over, therefore established to provide with support in more specialized and intimate settings. Whether choosing a local counseling center or a regular hospital you would need some immediate medical care like pregnancy test, STD’s and AIDS tests. Obviously, there’s no way to diagnose any disease( as most imply in time-frame windows) right after the attack, but assistance must start as soon as possible, in order to establish adequate treatment to avoid furthering problems.

On the other hand, to search for what is called a rape exam is highly recommended. Being a collection of forensic evidences that may include sperm, hair, saliva, skin, lint or anything that may help identifying the aggressor, generally through DNA testing. That’s the reason why it’s so important NOT to change clothes, shower or douche before running up tests. In cleansing yourself, you will be removing important evidences for a secure and more accurate investigation. Those pieces of evidence may be of later use, and could be decisive to nail the attacker. Of which photographs of bruises and wounds as well as vaginal, anal and oral tissue swabs are required. Although, proceeds can be extremely distressing owing to the situation, the professional posture of medical staff aims to render the victim nevertheless as comfortable as possible. A psychological back up support and counseling are utterly important. As more than physical scares, a sexual abuse may leave deeply ingrain traumas in a victim’s life time.

If the victim were taking birth-control pills or a condom was wore by the offender, doctors may choose to stand by for a pregnancy test before addressing further measures – remember that abortion is allowed in most cases when pregnancy springs from sexual crime –. Otherwise, you may be referred to take the “morning after” pill.

No matter how distressed or crushed it leaves you, you ought to convey that the attacker must be arrested caned and locked away. Being the only way to prevent him from being on the loose again and keep at bay felony of this nature. Remember that any sexual intent against your consent, whether fondling or else is derogatory. It doesn’t matter if you were drunk or under the effect of other recreational drugs or were too scared even to fight it back, it’s still crime so long as you don’t consent.


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